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26 June 2020
Top Tips for Keeping up with Cleaning Chores

How Can You Stay on Top of Your Housework?

house cleaning chores

If we don’t keep on top of our daily household chores, the workload increases and our homes will start to look messy and dirty. Eventually the work load will seem like a mission impossible and people are at risk of not doing any of it at this stage because it will seem too big a task, which can be off-putting.

Staying on top of things!

In order to prevent getting to this stage, regular cleaning is a must! Most people do general day to day activities to decrease our daily chores however finding time to do extra cleaning jobs around the home often becomes troublesome.

clean home

Day to day jobs generally include washing, ironing, dusting and hovering and the extra jobs will include changing bed sheets, washing windows, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom cleaning and so on. Once in a while we may need to do those jobs we rarely address such as cleaning skirting boards, dusting away cobwebs and sorting and clearing out the clutter.

Rotate the rota!

If we can put a strategy in place at home that enables to keep on top of all those jobs that we have to do at home, the job of doing it so much becomes easier so it’s advised that people make a rota of the jobs they have to do and try to stick to it. This doesn’t have to be complicated, just a simple to do list that you can pop on the fridge or somewhere else in the home that is noticeable, is fine. Jot down what jobs you will be doing weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly etc.

Tip/ Remember that not all jobs need to be done every month, for instance if you clean skirting boards one month you could opt for cobweb removal the next, so rotate the jobs  you have to do and this will also make it less boring.

home cleaning rota

Short of time?

If time is a problem? Because let’s face it not everybody has enough free time to do all the household chores at home, you do have other options. Many people these days opt to hire in professional cleaners instead, some will hire them weekly, some hire monthly and others hire occasionally. It depends on the client how often they want to hire professional domestic cleaners to come and help out at their home and also budget will also play a big part.

Professional cleaning companies are not that expensive anymore (probably due to the amount of competition out there now) so more and more people are using this service.

save time while cleaning

If you can afford to hire cleaners at home and are short of time to get the important jobs done, then this could be very beneficial to you, and will certainly ease the burden of your daily stress with regards to finding time to do everything.
So, here are our top tips for household cleaning.

Tip 1, write down the jobs to do

Having a list prepared allows us something to follow and also we are less likely to forget to do anything, so making a rota of jobs to do is very important. More so if you are a forgetful person!

stress-free clean

Tip 2, don’t stress about it!

Stress can cause more harm than good and can affect you health in time, remember that these are only household chores, it’s not the end of the world if you forget to do something one day so don’t make a big deal out of it just do the job you missed when you have the time.

domestic cleaning

Tip 3, keep it going!

Keep on top of everything or try to keep on top, if things are left, the workload increases adding to stress, if you need help and can afford it, hire it!

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