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The stipulations included in this document outline the precise responsibilities and rights of any person(s) connected to the following Agreement. The terms and conditions, as they are currently presented, are open to amendment at any point without any required notification.

1. Introduction
o    Ensure each specific and particular point in this contract is comprehensive and exact before making a final commitment.

2. Confirmation and Reservations
2.1 Upon making a booking you must make a complete account of your property available to us. The right is maintained by Cleaners Cleaning to update or amend quotes and charges appropriately in line with an additional work undertaken.

2.2 We may withdraw your Order or extend added fees if we receive any erroneous, or otherwise inaccurate, descriptions and information from you.
2.3 Right of entry: Please make sure that your property is made available for entry.

(a) Our baseline expense for our cleaners being unable to gain entrance to your property rests at £50, with a potential for larger charges.
2.4 A reservation cannot be made without the provision of debit or credit card credentials.
 (a) There is an added expense of 2% which applies to credit card transactions only.

2.5 When your booking has been made, a time will be logged for the undertaking. However, circumstantial happenings beyond our control (such as weather or the concentration of traffic) may effect this slot and it is stressed that the time given is merely approximate.
 2.6 Be aware of your obligation to provide suitable parking for our cleaners. The client is to take responsibility for any incurred parking fees or violations.

3. Charges and Fees:
3.1 While we cannot accept cheques, we ask our customers to pay their fees with cash. Alternatively, the option is available to pay through the phone by card, when initially making your booking.
3.2 We base our charges on minimum rates for the appropriate line of work undertaken.
(a) Carpet cleaning minimum of 48 GBP including VAT
(b) One Off Cleaning minimum of 128 GBP including VAT
3.3 For properties outside of the M25 there are added costs. In addition, we may include congestion charges (£11.50) within our expenses.

4. Re-schedule and Cancellation of Appointments:
4.1 Customers cancelling reservations made with us are required to provide 24 hours prior notice in order to avoid a £50 fine.

4.2 In cases in which the client demands a reschedule within the 24 hours leading up to our work, it is Cleaners Cleaning's right to issue a £25 charge.

5. Facilities:
5.1 The provision of warm water and appropriate lighting is necessary. Cleaners Cleaning has the option to abandon a reservation in those instances where our employees’ health or safety is in jeopardy.

5.2 Sub-contracting is our right (if we choose it) throughout the Service.

5.3 It is necessary that an appointed individual, if not yourself, is at the property when our cleaners complete their work in order to sign off the work as completed.

6. Accountability:
6.1 Cleaners Cleaning is not accountable in the following scenarios -

(a) increased visibility to any fabric’s condition post-cleaning;

(b) pre-existing impairment which our methods are unable to remove entirely;

(c) any harm caused to wooden flooring where the appropriate felt pads have not been applied to furniture or upholstery;

(d) third party interruption disrupting the Services;

(e) unavoidable shrinkage in drapery and curtains as a result of cleaning methods employing steam.

Cleaners Cleaning always endeavour to handle problems that may occur with the service. Any grievance must be strictly reported within 7 working days of the Service’s provision in order to have it considered.