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Privacy Policy

domain.com puts your discretion first. We spent time developing our privacy policy, which we are proud to present to you here.

Any data we collect is used in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other appropriate legislation.

Regulating Personal Information

All data issued to and collated by domain.com is organised by Cleaners Cleaning.

What data do we gather? How is it used?

The only information we retain about individuals is consciously delivered through such processes as registration.
The best follow through with your order(s), we ask for certain personal details. Due to an increase in online fraud, we operate certain security measures and checks.
Your advertising inclinations will also be collect by us. There is a potential for you to be contacted by us or other choice third parties providing deals or news on services and materials. In addition, this data assists in updating and tailoring our services for the future.

What Information Do We Share?

Some undertakings are taken on by outside parties on our behalf. They can provide a whole host of helpful activities from package delivery and data analysis, to advertising assistance and preparing orders. Although certain information is provided to these third parties for the necessities of their tasks, they are forbidden to use it otherwise.

Exterior authorities are also made responsible for checking specific personal information. This is in an effort to combat fraud and other similar offences.
We guarantee that none of your information will be sold unless given express permission to do so.


We operate cookies on our site, which are alphanumeric identifiers put in place for all sorts of reasons (from tallying our visitors to personally tailoring what appears on our pages for you by interacting with your hard-drive and web browser). Cookies allow us to source your visit and much more!

We would like to remind our customers that it is best that cookies are left switched on in your browser, as you will be unable to order from domain.com otherwise.

Links and Connections

Every now and then we cultivate a relationship with another organisation or company, which will allow you to visit their sites directly from our own.
It is important for us to state that no outside site is regulated by us, and we are in no way responsible for any contributions made to them. With that said, we always endeavour to place links from trustworthy and reliable sites which we think will suit you.

What do we do to protect information?

A secure and safe server is used each time you put an order through with us, or visit your own personal data. Any information is encrypted by our SSL software before we receive it.

What choices do our customers get?

While cookies must be enabled for domain.com to accept your order, there is no obligation for you to offer up any of the data we request.
Simply contact us to amend your settings and options.

How are complaints filed to Cleaners Cleaning?

Any complaints we receive are assured of just and proper handling. We always work hard to completely resolve your issues in a strict 64 hour period, within which we will be in contact with you (usually through the phone). Call us if you remain unsatisfied with the movement of your complaint.

Updates to Policy

Any amendments or updates made to our policy can be found here.

Share your thoughts with us.

We invite any queries you may have about privacy, and are open to any commentary you wish to provide. Call us on 020 3397 8629 to get in touch or through e-mail.