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Customer reviews
     This agency has proven to be reliable and effective in their services time and time again. The designated cleaner effortlessly meets the client's expectations, resulting in quality work with a readiness to accommodate any additional requests.
     Hands down, the best cleaning service in London! Their commitment to perfection and regular communication were top-notch.
     After two encounters with Cleaning company, I am continually impressed by their level of professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to providing outstanding service.
Stacey B.11/03/2024
     From start to finish, working with your team has been a pleasant and hassle-free experience.
Roger Alexander01/03/2024
     We were impressed by the prompt and friendly customer service we received throughout.
Mary Robertson19/02/2024
     Outstanding service, my carpets are now free of stains and smell fresh as ever thanks to Cleaning company.
K. Morrison09/02/2024
     Top-of-the-line goods tailored for seasoned and experienced window cleaners, available at fantastic deals - outstanding!
Patricia L.30/01/2024
     Outstanding value from beginning to end. I had my carpets cleaned by CleanersLondon for a great deal. The cleaner did a WONDERFUL job - she paid great attention to detail, worked efficiently, and the final result was superb.
Jane Clover20/01/2024
     Moving was effortless with the aid of these cleaners! Prices and customer service were on point.
Janet G.01/12/2023
     Exceptional service, it's was so easy to get things booked and pay. Would definitely recommend Cleaning company to anyone!
Luke Reynolds15/02/2023
     Top-notch cleaning service offered by experienced cleaners. Very professional upholstery cleaning service. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
     Cleaners Cleaning offers a professional cleaning service. Their cleaners are friendly and very efficient. Great job, many thanks!
     Finding a reliable domestic cleaning service provider is never a walk in the park. However, the guys from Cleaners Cleaning offer the best domestic cleaning I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend this company.
     I requested an end-of-tenancy-cleaning quotation online, and you, guys, sent it within no time. Cleaners Cleaning has the best cleaning service and their workers are flexible and highly understanding. They also arrived on time and managed to carry out an outstanding job leaving the rental flat spotless. Thank you for your service.
     Many thanks, I was very impressed with the spring cleaning service. I would highly recommend your service.
     I booked upholstery cleaning on Monday, and they completed the whole cleaning process on time. The service is outstanding, and their cleaners are well-trained and have excellent communication skills. Many thanks to them.
      London Cleaners' cleaners are the best I have ever hired. They are fast and efficient, getting the job done well and in under 3 hours. Definitely one of the top cleaning companies in the area.
Maura W.23/10/2019
     As an office administrator am always under pressure to ensure the office is always clean. I checked online for office cleaning companies and Cleaners Cleaning came up. The crew was flexible, professional, and they covered every inch of the area. You are stuck with me now. Thanks!
     I'm a domestic cleaning goddess, but even I need help sometimes. When I went on vacation, I hired your company for carpet cleaning, since everything else was clean. Wonderful job and low cost as well!
Doreen Mathis03/07/2019
      London Cleaners did a carpet cleaning for me recently and was amazed at the results, really didn't expect it to be so good.
Hayley Nutmell10/06/2019
     Took ages to find a cleaning company that I like, but Cleaning company were just so helpful and friendly, and did a discounted session to prove their quality for me, which I appreciated.
Skye Coleman17/05/2019
     Cleaning services like these are hard to find. Cleaners Cleaning were terrific from the get go. I'll certainly be recommending them.
P. Angie18/04/2019
      Cleaning company are rug cleaning specialists alright. By the time their team were finished, my rug, my prized possession, was spick and span, had been restored back to its former glory. I can't thank the team enough.
Chris S.13/03/2019
     6I've got to give a big thumbs up to this cleaning company. Cleaning company did wonders to the state of my property. What a service!
Priya M.08/02/2019
     Cleaners Cleaning provided me with a domestic cleaning service of the highest order. It was faultless.
Gregg H.16/01/2019
     Chose Cleaners Cleaning as my cleaning company because they're the cheapest I could find. They did a very good job and now come every two weeks. Glad I chose them.
Taylor Keen28/11/2018
     Carpet cleaning is a tough job. I was worried about trying to clean my carpet using store-bought products and simple techniques. I didn't want to mess up my carpet. I thought I'd leave it to the professionals. I hired Cleaners Cleaning and boy did they impress. It was a tremendous service and they left my carpet looking as good as new.
G. Boycott09/10/2018
     Punctual, the cleaning staff arrived on time, and proceeded to clean what I needed to be cleaned. Cleaners Cleaning is one to recommend to others.
Edward Crieghton11/09/2018
     We had construction work done on our home. While the builders did a good job, they left a mess behind. We rang Cleaners Cleaning in hopes they could attend to the mess. We were very pleased that they cleaned up the contractors mess and did so at a good price. Will recommend.
Chandrice Hughes17/08/2018
     If you are looking for a cleaning service that offers prompt and professional domestic services, then I seriously suggest you contact Cleaning company. They performed an excellent job and within the estimate quoted. Best cleaning company.
Jeanette Haldrick02/08/2018
     The cleaning professionals provided by CleanersLondon arrive fully trained and vetted professional cleaners who perform their job with minimal direction. Overall a very successful experience, I would recommend them to anyone.
C. Yardley17/07/2018
     Their cleaning service helped me out a great deal. I just wouldn't have managed without CleanersLondon on board.
Sofia N.11/06/2018
     My home cleaning task just wouldn't have been done without the help of Cleaning company. They did so much work in such a short space of time. It was a great service.
J. Mertens15/05/2018
     I've used Cleaners Cleaning and their cleaning services on a number of occasions. I've yet to be disappointed.
Olivia S.27/04/2018
      Cleaning company are a top cleaning company. I've used them a few times now and have never had any issues.
O. Saltsman04/04/2018
      Cleaners Cleaning are the cleaning ninjas, they just come in, do all my home cleaning and slink out again. It's like having little cleaning fairies, I love it.
Sharon Brookes30/03/2018
      Cleaning company provided me with a first-rate spring cleaning service. Everything was completed to a high standard and I have no complaints.
Bruce K.27/02/2018
     After her stroke my mother couldn't do the house cleaning anymore and we unfortunately weren't available to help on a regular basis. Fortunately we hired Cleaners Cleaning to help and they've been a god send, not only helping with cleaning but being a great source of social interaction for mum, she loves having them over.
Darnell H.22/01/2018
     I've always been the friend to host mega bonfire night parties, and all my friends love coming round and watching the fireworks from the balcony. This year I had more friends than ever, and of course, there were some accidents involving red wine and carpets, amongst other little problems. I knew I was never going to get the stains out myself, so I called the professionals over at Cleaners Cleaning, and asked them to come and sort it out for me. I was dazzled by how clean and tidy my house was once they were finished, I honestly don't think I've ever seen it like that before! Genuinely amazed!
     Unbelievably cheap for what you get at Cleaners Cleaning. They offer such a top quality domestic cleaning service, and yet are way cheaper than anyone else I spoke with. I know who I'll be going to from now on.
Yasmin Yandle13/12/2017
      Cleaning company offer such great cleaning services at really cheap prices. I couldn't believe it when I heard the price quote, then inspected their work on the day. Everything was just exceptional.
Cara D.20/11/2017
     Their cleaning services have gotten me out of a tight spot more than once. Cleaning company know how to impress and they've never disappointed.
Hugh N.05/10/2017
      Cleaners Cleaning cleaned my oven quicker than I ever could. If I'm ever looking for an oven cleaning service and I don't want to get my hands dirty, I will be on the phone again to these guys!
Bridget Bradley14/09/2017
     There are many reasons why I look forward to house cleaning, but when Cleaners Cleaning arrived and did their job on my upholstery, I was taken aback by their expertise and their attention to detail. Above all this, however, was the cheap service they delivered, despite their high quality. Overall, it was low-cost and well worth the money spent, which wasn't all that much.
Olivia Wong05/09/2017
     The house cleaning service delivered by Cleaners Cleaning was smooth, a lucrative deal, and just hassle-free from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for anything else, expected anything better than the standard of service that I received.
Michael S.21/08/2017
      Cleaning company came out today to help me with carpet cleaning and a little general home cleaning. The cleaners are very friendly and they offer very competitive prices. Nice company!
Patty A.28/07/2017
     Just moved into a new flat and it was in serious need of a good carpet cleaning! I called CleanersLondon because they had really good reviews, and were one of the cheapest services I could find. They exceeded my expectations! Everything looks and smells great now! Thank you!
Mitch K.28/07/2017
     I let out my old bachelor flat and recently hired Cleaners Cleaning for some end of tenancy cleaning help. They did a really good job of making the place liveable again! Thank you!
Chris P.11/07/2017
     As a busy working mom, sometimes it can be hard to clean my home as well as I'd like with work and my kids' activities. Cleaners Cleaning delivers domestic cleaning services have really been a lifesaver. They come in a few times a week and leave my home looking spotless. I can't recommend them enough, and the best part is that they offer great deals on their cleaning services.
     After looking at their competitive prices, I must say that London Cleaners did an exceptional job at providing the best value for money. As a result, I would definitely recommend them as the ideal end of tenancy cleaning service provider.
E. Marshall01/06/2017
     The cleaners at CleanersLondon made a significant impression on me by cleaning the office. The office was really dirty but they did an exceptional job in restoring its quality.
G. Pearson15/05/2017
     Never been a fan of cleaning companies until I found CleanersLondon . A friend recommended them to me and after seeing their flat I immediately picked up the phone. Great value for money, easily affordable especially for me as a student.
John Lucas25/04/2017
     I was worried about the mess in my rented home after 2 years of a busy lifestyle will little time to clean. I decided to seek help from Cleaning company to do a one-off cleaning job in my house. Overwhelmed with the results and received my security deposit back in full upon moving out. Will use again.
Sarah M.03/04/2017
     Great team! Easy to deal with and reliable. Cleaners Cleaning is my one-stop shop for cleaning services.
     Used their cheap end of tenancy cleaning service and got my deposit back! Cleaners Cleaning is the best company I have ever worked with!
     Had a couple of stains that needed removing and decided to call a professional cleaning company. Cleaning company removed the stains and dirt with ease and didn't charge me an arm and a leg. Hassle- free, convenient and cheap!
     I hate doing rug cleaning since it has always been a nuisance to me, so I started saving money and hiring professionals to do it instead. Last week I hired Cleaning company to complete the job and the cleaner who came was great at what she does. She did a thorough cleaning job on the rugs I had arranged for her and even gave me some maintenance advice so that I won't have to deal with it for a longer period. Great help, cheap too!
Ewan Daniels07/12/2016
      Cleaning company offers superb services at low prices!
Colin D.25/11/2016
     Had to move out at short notice and needed a reliable end of tenancy cleaning service. Found Cleaning company on the internet and decided to give them a try. The best decision I have ever made! My flat was spick-and-span and my landlord had to part with my deposit cheque. Will use these cleaners again!
     When our house got out of control, my neighbour “innocently” dropped a London Cleaners card on the floor by the kitchen table where we were having coffee. I took the hint, hired their cleaning services and now we're all a lot happier. And the house looks great.
Arlene C. 28/10/2016
     We were moving out and had to clean our entire flat in order to get our deposit back. With the whole move to organise and all the other documents and details we had to take care of, we had no time to do the move out cleaning ourselves, so we handed the task over to Cleaners Cleaning. Their service cost only a fraction of our the deposit amount and we got the whole deposit back, so all in all they saved us a lot of money. Big thanks!
George Ryan28/09/2016
     Brilliant house cleaners! Cleaners Cleaning really surprised me with the efficiency of their cleaners and how reliable a company can get. Superb work; I shall not forget to recommend to others as well!
     We recently bought an apartment and the place was in a terrible state. The floors, walls, surfaces, especially in the bathroom and kitchen were filthy! We hired London Cleaners last week and they were really responsive and helpful with all the tasks. These guys did an outstanding job and our home looks brand new. I would use them again in the future.
     We had a huge party last week, it was fun but the next day I couldn't believe the extent to which the upholstery was stained. I tried cleaning it but the stains were too tough. London Cleaners are excellent with upholstery cleaning because they did a fab job with all the stained fabric. From getting rid of yellow curry stains to wine stains, they cleaned it all. Thanks for brining all the fabrics back to life!
Maria L.23/06/2016
     Thank you London Cleaners for always keeping my home in pristine condition!
Harry Glover31/05/2016
     I strongly recommend CleanersLondon if you are looking for cleaning help. They cleaned my sofas for me last week and did a brilliant job. I am yet to find a better, more professional and inexpensive upholstery cleaning service. Thanks so much for all your help. I can't recommend this company enough. They are fantastic - the best company I have used.
Megan Richards21/04/2016
     Highly recommend Cleaning company for all kinds of spring cleaning jobs. They do a brilliant job every single time. I will continue to use their services for years to come!
Christopher Schofield 15/03/2016
     The rug in my living room was the bane of my life; no matter what I did I could never get it clean. I bought the rug because it so was so soft and fluffy, the perfect thing to warm cold feet on a winter evening, but within a couple of months it was matted and full of dust, definitely not something I wanted to put my bare feet on. I hired the rug cleaning services from CleanersLondon and I'm over the moon with the results. Now I have my soft and fluffy rug back and my living room looks great again!
Katie Ridley10/02/2016
     For the past few years, I've been jumping between several local cleaning companies, but Cleaners Cleaning have given me by far the best service. I've finally settled on hiring them regularly, thanks to their great speed, low prices and the consistent friendliness of their staff. Using other companies, I developed some low expectations, but by the time these guys had finished their first job on my house, I couldn't believe how incredibly clean every room looked. If you're looking for an affordable but high-quality service, like I was for so many years, I'd definitely recommend this company.
Samantha G.17/11/2015
     I was so busy with my house move that I just didn't have time to clean the property before leaving. I contacted Cleaning company after a friend recommended them, and they gave me a surprisingly cheap price. The service was fast and efficient, and also very thorough! I was really happy with the results and I can't believe how much time and effort this service saved me! Thanks so much to everyone involved!
     Big thanks to my carpet cleaner at Cleaning company! She managed what I'd been unable to, and got my carpets and rugs looking fantastic and almost as good as new. This is a service that I can't fault, and it's one I would recommend!
Leanne T.05/10/2015
     I have always been a stickler for a clean home and was starting to feel I could not do the job to a suitable level by myself. I called in London Cleaners for some support and they have been all I needed. They see to my cleaning chores every so often, so now they make my home clean and I just have to maintain it. I am thrilled with the result and am happy with the hard work they do. Five stars.
Valerie North24/09/2015
     Living in a big house is great, but it does have its pitfalls, especially when it comes to cleaning. House cleaning is not something that I particularly enjoy, so last time around I decided to get some help. Cleaners Cleaning were brilliant; their team were hard working and the service was definitely worth paying for.
     I want to express my gratitude to your crew for dedicatedly carrying out house cleaning at our 3 bedroom house for the last four years. Your team always have smiles on their faces and that brightens up our day too. Their cheerful attitude and skilled workmanship is the reason why I have hired London Cleaners year after year. Such an efficient and hard working team! Highly recommended.
Julia R.19/08/2015
     I absolutely love the services of Cleaning company! I had never hired a professional cleaning company before because I never felt the need to hire cleaners before; however, I have felt a sudden need to use their professional services in recent months and so I decided to hire this company to use their house cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. It makes my life so much easier and I have so much more free time to enjoy by doing whatever I want. I could now not live without this company and would highly recommend them to everybody in need of pro cleaners!
Jamie N.07/08/2015
     I was unsure about hiring CleanersLondon for my home cleaning. I wasn't keen on letting strangers into my house to handle my belongings. I decided to hire them for a trial run and was assured that the staff were professionals who would focus on the cleaning. After a couple of cleans I can confidently say I am happy with the results. The cleaner was friendly and dedicated to the work. I had no reason to worry and I have been given a clean home.
Norman Green31/07/2015
     My flat is at the top of a high rise block in town. Sometimes the lift doesn't always work and yet my cleaners get to me every week without fail. I don't know how they do it but I would say for certain that Cleaners Cleaning are the best cleaners around. Oh, and the cheapest too!
Paul Barker 14/07/2015
     I was over the moon with the cleaning service I received from Cleaners Cleaning. I needed a one-off cleaning service when I as moving into a new house. The place was dusty and grubby and I didn't have a lot of free time to do it myself. I wanted it completely deep cleaned before I placed all of my furniture into the house. This team did a tremendous job and quickly. The members of staff never stopped and washed, polished, scrubbed and vacuumed until the place was spotless. I would certainly recommend that if you need a special clean for any reason you hire this service; it was marvellous. Plus, the cost was reasonable!
David White03/07/2015
     Cleaners Cleaning is one of the companies essential for my type of business. I have spent a while searching for a good cleaner to help my waitresses in the kitchen. I have a family run cafe, which is not that big, but after a day of work and quite a few clients my employees had been asking for an extra hand to help them clean the kitchen. This cleaning company has provided me with the best kitchen cleaning I could possibly ask for. Even a few weeks after using their services the kitchen still looks clean. I figured it would be good to have their professional cleaners come over once a month, so I will be contacting the agency again.
H. James23/06/2015
      London Cleaners might be one of the best cleaning agencies I have come across. There is no other way to describe this company but to call them quick, efficient, professional and competent. Their cleaners know what they are doing. The office environment has never been so pleasant to stay and work in. Our clients now spend more time with us, even when they have received what they have come for! They stay with us for a coffee and after the sofa cleaning all the furniture they sit on looks new again. I am so glad I recommended this company to my boss.
Derek Shaswill16/06/2015
     I run a busy shop locally and have a regular need for professional cleaners. There are really only certain times they are able to clean my premises because I open for very long hours, six days a week. I really wasn't hopeful of finding a cleaning company capable of doing the job or even willing to. When I called London Cleaners for a quote, I couldn't believe their cheap prices despite needing them out of regular hours! I didn't hesitate to book them and have been absolutely delighted with their cleaning service ever since. This is a great cleaning company for local businesses because they are one too and so they understand our needs!
Toni Price10/06/2015
      CleanersLondon proved a first rate cleaning service. Their support over the phone was helpful, as they answered my questions and told me about their services. I was able to hire the necessary house cleaning team and they arrived at my address promptly. Each cleaner worked quickly yet thoroughly, ensuring that no aspect of the job was overlooked. They saw to my cleaning chores with enthusiasm and were helpful. Their services were flexible so I got the exact support I required and their staff were friendly, so I had a pleasant experience. Five out of five.
Erica Stone26/05/2015
     I never enjoyed cleaning my house and so I thought I would hire Cleaners Cleaning to do it for me. I knew their staff could handle all of my chores so I didn't have to. Their cleaners wash things, polish, vacuum, sort litter and more, getting the job done completely without me needing to lift a finger. I have a clean house without needing to do a thing, thanks to their expert services.
Edward Stevens15/05/2015
     I am a builder and I work with a number of large building sites all year round. For the past two years my company has been availing of CleanersLondon 's builders cleaning service which your team has handled efficiently. I am pleased with your work and will definitely be awarding your company with a cleaning contract for another year.
James R.07/05/2015
     A friend recommended the services of Cleaners Cleaning which she had been using since five years. I had some really bad experiences with some other cleaning companies that I had previously hired. Not only did some of the previous companies charge a lot higher, but the work done was never up to the standard I expected. I now know why my friend recommended this company, the professionalism and excellent service provided by the team can be seen in the work they do. The entire credit of my clean house goes to their expert cleaners. Thank you for taking the cleaning responsibility off my shoulders.
Martin B.01/05/2015
     I hired Cleaners Cleaning to come and clean my flat once every two weeks. I have not yet had a bad experience nor have I been left unsatisfied with the service. From the moment I called them to the moment the cleaning job was done, professionalism and excellence was shown by the company. I hate seeing dirt and grime in any part of my house. After my promotion at work I had very little time to take care of my home. Thanks to this service I can now relax when I come back after a stressful workday.
Calvin D.23/04/2015
     It is so hard to do all my cleaning as I live alone and I suffer with Arthritis. My joints lock up and I don't know what to do. It became really painful for me to even scrub the cooker after I cooked and I knew I needed help. I have been looking for a regular cleaning service until I came across Cleaners Cleaning. I was astounded by their friendly and genuine service and when I gave them a try, they left me awestruck. I love their services so much and cannot sing their praises enough.
Annabella T.14/04/2015
     As a busy mother of 3, I barely get the time to do any hair and makeup for the mad school dash in the morning, let alone clean my house! I felt junk pile up practically everywhere and the kids were even tripping over it. I desperately tried to find a company that could help me with my cleaning. Cleaning company were able to come through for me in time! I consider myself so lucky!
     After extending the house, we were left with a big rubbish pile and dust all over the place. It was a mess! Our saviour was CleanersLondon and their wonderful cleaning services. The whole place looked great after they gave it a once over. Much appreciated!
Ben W.24/03/2015
     I own a small BnB that gets a lot of business. The more use it gets, the more it needs to be cleaned. Thankfully I am turning over enough profit to hire a cleaner. I am so thrilled with my choice to invest in Cleaners Cleaning. Their cleaning services are fantastic for polishing the floors, deep cleaning the sofa, and carefully treating the rugs. Thank you so much for your ongoing support!
Clara H.13/03/2015
     I run an art studio where painting classes take place. I offer classes for young kids, so you can imagine the mess that ten kids holding paint brushes make! The best business investment I ever made was hiring a cleaner from Cleaners Cleaning to clean the studio three times a week. I definitely recommend their services.
Shawna M.04/03/2015
     I needed my oven cleaning desperately as it was in such a state. Though I loved cooking I didn't like cleaning it, so I opted to have a professional oven cleaning service sort it. Cleaning company were easy to deal with and did a superb job. The cleaners were trained at handling the problem and got it sorted in no time. The teams arrived promptly and got to work. The oven was soon looking really clean, and the dirt and grease was dissolving. The results were wonderful and it looked so clean when they had finished.
Stacey M.20/02/2015
     I was happy with the recent office cleaning service I hired. Cleaners Cleaning were easy to deal with and sorted the cleaning quickly and efficiently. The cleaners were polite and worked hard. I now hire them twice a week to keep the bathroom, kitchen area and offices clean. I am pleased that I have a company I can rely on thank you.
M. McLaughlin13/02/2015
     I had been ill and didn't have the energy to clean my home. My husband suggested I use a cleaning company. He had heard about CleanersLondon from his mum and booked a meeting. The consultant visited and listed what we wanted and gave us a price. The cost was reasonable and we booed a date. The cleaners arrived on time with their cleaning gear and cleaned every part of the house. The results were impressive the place looked so clean. I am so happy, and decided to use the cleaning service more often now as I was so pleased.
Lynette Wagner04/02/2015
     I wanted to just say how happy I was when I hired Cleaners Cleaning to spring clean my bathroom and kitchen. The work was done to a high standard using the best quality detergents and products. The cleaners did a great job for an affordable cost. The results were amazing and the walls, units, and fitments looked like new.
Verna Lundy29/01/2015
     I wanted a reliable office cleaning service so called a company that had opened in the area. Cleaning company were great. The customer services were helpful and sorted me an affordable deal. I now have a cleaner three times a week to empty bins, dust, and vacuum and mop the entire area. It is great to continually have a clean work place that looks good and smells fresh. The cleaning rates are reasonable and the service excellent.
Sammy Park23/01/2015
     Cleaners Cleaning were a company who I didn't really know much about when I first hired them, but once I had experienced the help which they were able to provide, their name seemed to crop up everywhere. It seems that a lot of people have good things to say about them, I'm surprised that they're not better known. Either way, they're great for helping me clean the house and I'm not sure that I could fit in all of the cleaning which they do. Would take forever.
Oscar F.07/01/2015
     There are many reasons I prefer using London Cleaners's cleaning service. They are very friendly and accommodating and have fit me in their schedule even if I have booked on the same day. They are very quick to respond and their customer service people are always available for any query. The cleaning crew does an incomparable job, their efficiency and attention to detail is worth recommending. Their cleaners are very friendly and easy to deal with. I have used some of their special services like garage and garden cleaning and they have done an exceptional job both times.
     We have used Cleaning company's services 2-3 times in the past few months and we have had no complaints so far. Their cleaners are all very skilled and organized, they arrive on time and finish the work quickly without compromising on the quality of service they provide. Occasionally, they have had to go out of their way to tackle some difficult problem areas in the house but they never complained, nor did they charge extra for their efforts. I am so happy with their service that I will always be calling on them regularly from now on!
     I needed a good house cleaner for my mother who is quite frail and doesn't like being in a dusty environment and I decided to book Cleaners Cleaning because the work they were doing for one of my friends was very good. The cleaner who comes to my mother's house is friendly and works very hard and she does all the spring cleaning to keep the place as tidy as can be. The standard of the cleaning is very good and the fee is not too high and includes the cost of all the cleaning products and materials the cleaner uses.
     I have a lot of rugs around my house to protect the expensive flooring and so it is of extreme importance to have them be as clean as is humanly possible at all times. I spoke to Cleaners Cleaning and they quoted me a really reasonable price for sending a cleaner to my house in order to clean my rugs. The cleaner arrived, I gave him my instructions and he followed them to the letter, cleansing ever thread of every rug in the most careful, dedicated fashion. Every rug in the place now looks amazing and I have never been happier with a cleaning service!
Jolene Atkinson09/10/2014
     Try as I might I can never get the drains in the house to seem as clean as I would like. I tried a couple of homemade cleaning solutions and they work fine for regular maintenance but I wanted a cleaning agency for thorough drain cleaning. A co-worker had recently had the plumbing in her home cleaned out by Cleaners Cleaning and she just could not stop raving about them, so I booked an appointment to. If you're looking for a team of competent, friendly professionals this is one of the best cleaning companies in the city!
Lily Davison19/09/2014
     The weekly cleaning I have done with this company makes all the difference in regards to the free time I have available. The high standards of cleaning my cleaner carries out has resulted in my friends and family practically without exception remarking on how clean my house is. Some of my family, especially my mum, can be very critical so I take it as a good sign they compliment me, or my home I should say. Apart from that I love the fact this company keep their prices reasonable going on cheap. I would certainly give Cleaners Cleaning a try I don't think you would be disappointed.
Deborah M.13/08/2014
     I am very pleased to recommend Cleaners Cleaning to everyone who reads this. They are excellent people, and very good at what they do. Luckily for us lazy or messy types, what they do is a good clean, and it certainly beats scrubbing the floors yourself! I have been extremely impressed by everything that I have seen form them so far, and it is with great pleasure that I pass on the good name to others, hoping that their prices don't go up with all of the new business that they should certainly be getting!
Terry Sanders31/07/2014
     Growing up I was always a mummy's boy. I had everything done for me and I never lifted a finger. Although that was great at the time, I now don't actually know what I'm doing now that I live on my own. To gain a bit more independence, I decided to call Cleaners Cleaning instead of my mum and see if they could help. Since they've been around, I have picked up a few things and any questions I have about anything at all, my cleaner can always answer it. She even showed me a few quick tricks here and there, so pleased with the service.
     Frankly, I am stunned how I managed to go 35 years without knowing about the amazing prices and services provided by Cleaners Cleaning. I am constantly in touch with the cleaners changing which areas of the home or which rooms I would like cleaning this week and all of the staff are only too pleased to help me. Cannot believe how cheap everything is and I have found that I have so much free time to enjoy my evenings and weekends. A brilliant team, keep up the good work! Loving my fresh, clean, pristine home! Really helpful staff and good prices.
Harriet Blears30/06/2014
     I was a registered child minder and worked long hours, and had few breaks in the year. one of my few holidays I decided to have my home spring cleaned as the place was beginning to look a little drab and uncared for as I was so busy with the kids all day and every day. Cleaners Cleaning were great, they did a super job. My house was scrubbed from top to bottom, and attention was paid to small details such as above the cupboards, wardrobes and under the beds etc. The end result was wonderful and everywhere was spotless.
Alison Casey12/06/2014
     I was pleased with my recent carpet clean service I had done by Cleaners Cleaning. The team made such a great job my carpets look like new. I called and discussed my needs and sorted an appointment for the cleaning to be done. The staff arrived armed with tools and cleaning products and for several hours worked continually on my carpeted flooring. The carpets looked brilliant when they had finished. The house smells great to as the cleaning has really gotten rid of a lot of dirt that had built up in the carpets over time. I was really pleased with the results and costs.
Annie Jones26/05/2014
     Ensuring that the house is clean is of big importance to me, and I would not be able to do it without my cleaning company - Cleaners Cleaning. I find them to be incredible at what they do, ensuring that I am never lost for people to come and sort my place out, and always getting it back to its perfect state, no matter how chaotic the place can get! I find them to be of excellent value, and incredibly well mannered, so I always enjoy a cup of tea with them afterwards if I can, it is very nice indeed.
Irene Jenkins14/05/2014
     I have been using Cleaners Cleaning for a long time now, and I am pretty sure that they are the best thing to have come into my life since my dog and my family... In that order. In all seriousness, I am bowled over by how consistently excellent the cleaners from this service are, and no matter how late the notice, or whether the normal cleaner is ill, I always get someone round when I need them, which should not be underestimated! If anyone reading this needs an excellent cleaner for an excellent price, they should get in touch with these guys!
Cesar Arnold29/04/2014
     Was struggling for time after work so in my desperation for a clean home I called the friendly office people at Cleaners Cleaning for a quick quote on what sort of price I would be looking at to clean my home. I was delighted with the result so I booked them straightaway! They always arrive on time, they always leave things perfectly clean and arranging a handy time is very easy and they are very trustworthy in terms of leaving the keys, allowing them to let themselves in etc. With that sort of thing it is best to use a reputable company and that is exactly what this company is.
Sonia P.08/04/2014
     Cleaners Cleaning have always been there to help me with my cleaning. I've enjoyed their services for a long time now and I have passed on their details to lots of friends. It's these friends where I notice the difference the most these days. I go around their house and I can see the impact that a professional cleaner has right away. I never mention it though, and I don't have to - everyone I talk to always says how happy they are to have the services and starts pointing out the areas in which they are most impressed.
Craig R.19/03/2014
     We love the cleaners that we get for Cleaners Cleaning, they are always lovely to have about, very friendly and smiley! That does not mean that they are not hard working however, as they always get the job done within a few hours, and this means that the price is always pretty agreeable, which suits us down to the ground! Anyone looking for a really great cleaning company, who wants service with a smile, and as much bang as possible for your buck, it is well worth checking this lot out!
Karla Drake05/03/2014
     I was really impressed with the cleaning service provided by Cleaners Cleaning. I needed an affordable and efficient cleaning service for my end of tenancy clean. I wanted my deposit returned in full and needed a really professional company to provide that service. The cleaning team were able to provide quick and thorough service. They saved me money and time. They were friendly and diligent an ensured every aspect of my apartment was cleaned to perfection. I would definitely recommend them for anybody needing an end of tenancy clean and looking for an affordable price. Thanks team!
Celia J.18/02/2014
     You would not believe how happy we are with Cleaners Cleaning and their team. They keep our office spotless, which is more than can be said of some of their competitors who we have employed in the past. Our office stays clean and we don't even see a cleaner - they go about their work outside of our business hours which suits us ideally. If we require any extra services (we had the carpets done last week) they are more than happy to get it done and just like everything else they seem to produce quality results. Recommended to other business out there.
T. Belford30/01/2014
     I wanted to find an affordable but experienced cleaning team to get my house into shape for a dinner party. I called Cleaners Cleaning and they gave me exactly what I needed, and now I'm a regular devotee! My guests were so impressed with my immaculate house and now I get my house cleaned fortnightly. The service is always nothing less than amazing. The cleaners get into every nook and cranny - even the ones that most cleaning companies ignore! This is a truly great service and I can't thank the staff enough for how they've helped me and my family.
     Domestic cleaning is not just a case of running around the place with a vacuum. Being in a strangers home and cleaning everything perfectly without disrupting their home is quite a skillful task, and I have had many cleaning companies who have not been up to scratch, by my standards anyway. I have found that Cleaners Cleaning are excellent however, whilst also offering very competitive rates, which means good value all round. I have paid a fair chunk more for a lot worse in the past, so I would recommend them to anyone who is proud of their house, but likes things to be economically practical as well.
Mildred Bryant07/01/2014
     I was always complaining about how dirty and messy my house was, but I just didn't have the time to put in the effort that was really needed to get it looking nice and clean. Someone I work with suggested I get in touch with Cleaners Cleaning to find out about hiring professional house cleaners. I wasn't sure at first because I don't really have the cash to spare, but I'm so glad I called them! Their prices are fantastic and the cleaners are so lovely and accommodating! My home has never looked cleaner and now I recommend Cleaners Cleaning to everyone I meet!
     Chances are you are reading these reviews to try and make up your mind about whether to entrust your cleaning tasks with Cleaners Cleaning. Take my advice, do it. They have been on speed-dial in my home for years now. They clean my carpets yearly and my upholstery at the same interval. They also provide a cleaner at the same time every week who keeps my home lovely and tidy. Each and every time they do something for me, they do it with the same gusto and really take pride in it, and it shows in the results.
Sarah Appleby05/12/2013
     I hope that all reading this will take my advice and hire Cleaners Cleaning to do their office cleaning! I have been in charge of booking cleaners for the company I work at for a while, and these guys are the best that I have come across by a long way. It is usually the case that the cleaners are great for a few weeks, and then start taking liberties and turning up late or leaving early. This team have been working here for six months and have been absolutely great all the way through those months, so I recommend them highly!
Jenny Anderson25/11/2013
     Using Cleaners Cleaning for the cleaning has been a great thing for me. I used to stress over keeping the house tidy, but once a week, they come in and blitz the place, making sure that it is always presentable. Knowing that there is nothing to worry about in the cleaning realm means that I am free to do exactly what I want for the rest of the week, cone work is done with. This is a massive relief as I'm sure you can imagine. I recommend anyone that needs a solid and reputable cleaner call them immediately.
M. Smith15/11/2013
     I'd never have believe that I'd be the kind of guy who hires a cleaning service. But here I am, enthralled by Cleaners Cleaning. I was having a busy time at work, everything starting to get hectic and rushed and I was finding it a real struggle to stay on top of the house work. That was when someone put me in touch with Cleaners Cleaning and I haven't looked back since. It's just such a relief knowing I don't have to worry about that stuff. They've really got my back. Will be spreading the word whenever I see a stressed person at work.
F. Brooks05/11/2013
     I spent such a long time weighing up different cleaning companies before I finally took the plunge and went for Cleaners Cleaning. For me, they offered the best balance of excellent service, great prices and they worked to the standard I required. It was really worth shopping around, because I'm so happy with what these folks have given me. You can look around like I did, but you'll be coming back to Cleaners Cleaning, especially once you've had them round and seen them in action. I really am so impressed and there's no greater praise that I can think to lavish upon them.
Lauren K.25/10/2013
     It's been so long since I've hired Cleaners that I've forgotten how bad my house used to be. God, the mess. My wife and I would be working all week, then any time we had to relax was taken up by just cleaning up after our hectic work week. Hiring Cleaners to take part of the burden just makes our lives so much easier. It's been a few months now, but we'll never go back. It's not just having everything dusted and polished, swept and mopped, but the level of customer service is great and the prices cannot be beaten. So good.
David F.14/10/2013
     Having a clean home has always been important to me. Every item and surface gleaming, dirt free and all objects being in their rightful place is the standard for me. In order to do this easily and to have them done better than I ever could, I utilise the services of Cleaners. Their team are able to do everything I would want, but to a higher level. My home has never looked as good as when they have just finished, so I want them to come as often as possible so my domicile always look this great.
E. Glass03/10/2013
     My boyfriend and I had ware ready to vole into a new apartment and were very busy packing and finalising everything. We realised that our old flat wasn't looking its best as we left and we thought it unfair to move out and leave the place a tip, so we got London Cleaners to help. They handled the cleaning while we got on with other matters and their hard work meant that the new occupants if our flat would find it spotless. We wouldn't have been able to do to his ourselves, so thanks London Cleaners for all your help.
Becky A.23/09/2013
      Cleaners Cleaning have never failed to impress me. They have come to clean my home several times and on each occasion, they have outdone themselves. They polish and wiped everything so it looked its best, vacuumed every carpet, got rid of all litter and neatly arranged everything. My home looks good and my belongings are all in their proper place because of their endeavours. Their staff are friendly and helpful, allowing me to get a service I want and all at a great piece and quality. I have used their service several times and I will continue to do so.
S. Richards13/09/2013
     Sporadic cleaning has never left me with an abode I can truly feel at home in. Tidying only every now and again means mess can accumulate or that I will ignore things. This isn't really the ideal method of keeping a building spotless so I had to make a choice, dedicate myself more to keeping my abode clean or find some assistance. I called London Cleaners and I never regretted it for an instant. Their friendly staff have spent many hours cleaning my home and always with a smile on their face. My home is never messy with them handling things.
Clift Donald03/09/2013