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29Jul 2014
Window Cleaning With Ease in Westminster

How to Clean Windows Like Professional Cleaner?

window cleaning

If you are looking to clean the windows in your home in Westminster yourself, then it helps to have a little knowledge of what exactly it is you should be doing to get the clean, streak free shine that everyone wants form their windows. You should be aware that the job is not an easy one, and that is why window cleaners are still in business. The combination of height and precise work that a window cleaner has to get right can be a difficult and demanding one, so be sure to get a good look at how you should be going about it before you try anything. If you are thinking of doing all of your windows, at least prices on some lower down ones, to ensure that you have the technique down nicely before you factor in ladders and the like!

cleaning tools
You will need a fair bit of kit in order to get the windows cleaned properly. A squeegee, a bucket that will fit your squeegee in it, which can be quite wide, as well as an assortment of cloths, wet and dry, and a sponge. You will find that unless you are going into business as a window cleaner in Westminster, W1, there is little point in getting the highest quality equipment for the job, but there is also little point in getting cheap things from a petrol station, as you are almost guaranteed to fail to get the streak free shine that you desire with these tools.

window clean
Start by lathering up a bucket full of warm soapy water. Some cleaners use palmolive washing up liquid, others will use specific window cleaning products, and others will make their own, so it is up to you as to how you want to proceed. Use the sponge to apply the soapy lather to the window, rubbing away at any hardened marks that need to be gotten rid of. You will find that you can cover the whole window fairly easily by going left to right, and ensuring that all stains and dirty marks have been removed.

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Once the window is covered, you can then think about squeegeeing the lather away. This is the most difficult part of the job, as it needs to be done in a way that gets all of the water off of the window in one movement, as otherwise, you will leave streaks behind, and have to wash the window all over again! Move the squeegee in a zigzag motion from right to left, downwards, but hitting each corner as well. Overlap on each pass by a couple of inches to avoid leaving any water behind. The water will spill downwards on to the sill as you finish. Once you have worked the water down off of the window, wipe the squeegee with the cloth, and ensure that you have gotten all residue water away from the edges and the sill. Leaving standing water on the sill of your windows in Westminster can cause rot, so it is essential that you dry it off. However, try not to touch the clean window with your dirty water cloth!

polish windows
If the window still needs a polish, then give is a once over with a dry micro fiber cloth, to dry it and ensure that it is as shiny as it needs to be. Hone you are doing this job on a ladder, things can get quite difficult, and you need to know exactly what you are doing when cleaning your windows in the SW1 region, so as mentioned above, be sure that you have the technique down before you get to working at a height!

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