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26 June 2020
Tired of Doing Your Own Cleaning? Let The Experts Handle It for You!

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Help

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Urban lifestyles are hectic and demanding not to mention, tiring.  We wake up early o’clock in the morning, go to work, spend all our energy at work and then come home completely exhausted. We’re excited for the weekend when we feel we can get a bit of sleep and then we have to think of things like cleaning which becomes such a pain. Who has the time to sweep, mop and vacuum when all you just want to do is laze and lounge around, tired from work? We wished someone could do all of the hard work for us, and we realise—they actually can (but we just don’t realise it!) So what do we do? We hire a cleaning company. We hire a company that specialises in carpet cleaning; kitchen cleaning as well as general house cleans because frankly, trying to even clean one part of the house would extract so much energy from us, energy we don’t even have to give. So, really—what gives? How do we go about getting the cleaners in to be able to do all this work for us? Below is a guide of what to expect when a cleaning agency sends its representatives to turn up at your doorstep:

domestic cleaners

•    Professional cleaners will always and should always be booked in advance. Whether you choose to pay them in advance, on the day or after the cleaning has been completed, is strictly under the discretion of the company policy. It is always best to start by leaving a deposit via a card transaction, so that you always have proof that you paid as well as securing your place when it comes to having the cleaners show up appropriately and most importantly, on time.

professional cleaner

•    It is up to you, if you choose to stay home or not when your cleaner comes in. Some people don’t have much to do or anywhere to go, so they shift from room to room, however some feel awkward and genuinely have errands to run, so it makes sense for them to leave the house when it comes to the cleaners cleaning everything out in the house for them. If you are truly unsure of which option to choose, your best bet is to always ask the cleaning agency what they would prefer. Sometimes, it’s best to play it by ear; if anything.

check online

•    Before you book any agency, look at their online presence as well as ask how much their rates are. Make sure that their rates definitely include any tax as well as gratuity for the cleaner (if not, you are free to tip them yourself) as well as if the company charges a flat rate, or bills by the hour. This stuff may not seem important, however if the job can be done in 2 hours and the company decides to charge for 4 hours flat, you’re losing a chunk of money that you could be putting towards something else.

customer reviews

•    Request any testimonials as well as reviews when it comes down to a cleaning company. With so many rogue traders in this day and age, you can never be too sure before you decide to hire. If anything seems “off” or “too good to be true”, that’s probably because it is! Always go with your gut instinct and settle at a place that makes you feel relaxed, at ease and comfortable, hiring!

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