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03Sep 2013
Tips for De-Cluttering Your Office in Fulham

How Do I Declutter and Organize My Office?

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Your office in Fulham is a high-traffic area that quickly accumulates a lot of paperwork, rubbish and important documents. It’s easy for your office to become a mess in a matter of hours, especially if you work in a fast-paced or stressful environment. It’s important that you regularly take the time to de-clutter your office so you can keep on top of your workload and find everything you’re looking for exactly when you need it. Keeping a tidy office will also improve your productivity and help you to remain stress-free and relaxed at work. If you’re looking to get into the habit of regularly de-cluttering your office then take a look at these top tips.

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1)    When you start your big clear-out, it’s important you thoroughly check over all items and documents before you throw them away. This will stop you from accidentally destroying something of importance in your office in Fulham, SW6! Keep bin bags clearly separated from things you’re going to want to keep to avoid disaster and make cleaning a lot easier and more effective.

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2)    Don’t be too eager to clear everything out. If you think a document might be worth keeping then it’s best to hold onto it. That doesn’t mean it needs to be cluttering up your office though. Invest in a storage system for documents that might come in useful one day. This should be separate from your day-to-day filing system so you don’t get confused. Having a second filing cabinet is a great idea – especially if you can find the time to alphabetise, label and organise it for future use.

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3)    Be strict when it comes to what you keep in your desk drawers. If you don’t use the stationary that’s been in there for months then get rid of it! This goes for all the other bits and bobs that accumulate in desk drawers too. Make a list of items you use on a daily basis and keep them at the forefront. Things you use less frequently can be stashed in a different drawer so you can stay organised. If you’re struggling to find exactly what you need when you need it, then invest in a drawer-tidier. Assign each item in your drawer a specific place and make sure it’s returned there after use!

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4)    You should try to clear out your filing cabinet or filing system on a regular basis to avoid it become too messy and complicated to navigate! If you don’t already have one, implement an organisational system so you can find things much more easily. Use coloured stickers, dividers and labels to get a filing system as easy to navigate as you can in your office in Fulham. This will help to cut-down on those stressful moments we all experience when you can’t find the right document at work!

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5)    Getting your office in shape isn’t just about de-cluttering. Give your drawers and cupboards a quick dust and clean to keep them smelling and looking fresh. Your desk sees a lot of traffic, so don’t forget to give that a polish too! Your computer keyboard is a breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure you sanitise it regularly. Keep a can of compressed air in your desk so you can do away with dust that might get stuck in your keyboard or in the mechanisms of your computer. This will help its efficiency!