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26 June 2020
The Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Are Probably Making

How to Avoid the Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

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Carpets are beautiful and can add elegance to any house especially in the living room section. However, it takes a lot of hard work to maintain the carpet’s original colour and tidiness given that people will keep walking in and out of your house bringing in dirt with them. There are also pet stains and dust to worry about. All the factors that cause dirt on your carpet require that you handle them carefully while cleaning. However, most people still make mistakes when cleaning their carpets rendering the whole cleaning process fruitless. This article highlights some of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes.

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1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Agents to Clean your Carpet

Carpet cleaning may seem to be somewhat an easy task on paper. However, domestic cleaning requires that you should use the right cleaning agents for excellent results. Depending on the depth of dirt on your carpet, you may be forced to hire a carpet cleaning company to help you. Professional cleaning companies have the techniques and experience to deliver cleaning services using the right cleaning agents and ensure your carpets are cleaned to a high standard.

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2. Using a Dirty Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are machines designed to make the carpet cleaning process easier. However, if you fail to clean your vacuum cleaner before using it, chances are that you will not get the results you wanted. The trick to a successful carpet cleaning process depends on how clean your tools are before you start using them. Always ensure that your carpet cleaning tools are clean regardless of whether you hired them or you own them.

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3. Using Too Much Water When Cleaning

Using water is essential when cleaning your carpet. However, too much of this commodity will only make your house cleaning process disastrous. It is very hard to tell when a spill will occur but what we know is that at one point it will. For most people, when this happens, their first response is to pour water on the affected area then start scrubbing immediately. However, this makes the matter worse because scrubbing will only lead to further spread of the stain and odour. When a spill occurs, it is important not to rush into pouring water on the surface and scrub it.

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4. Using a Coloured Cloth

If you accidentally pour wine, water or any other fluid that is likely to affect your carpet negatively, do not use a coloured cloth to absorb the spill as that will only make the situation worse especially if you have a white carpet. Always use a non-coloured cloth to soak up the spill.

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5. Over Scrubbing

Many people consider scrubbing as one way of deep cleaning. However, overdoing the act will lead to wearing out of the carpet thereby losing its original design and probably its colour as well. Always be careful not to over scrub and if in doubt, hire professional carpet cleaning services. A good carpet cleaning company will know how to go about different challenges that carpets present.

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Carpet cleaning is important because it helps maintain the original look of your precious carpet. However, you should be careful to avoid some of these common mistakes people usually make while cleaning. If you are not sure what to do to remove the stains, do not hesitate to hire a cleaning company. It is wise to hire carpet cleaners and get proper results rather than doing it yourself and end up messing the whole thing.

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