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23Jan 2014
Stain Removal In Your Home in Mayfair

How Do We Remove Stains at Home?

stain removal

Getting stains out of clothes is tough, but if you are in a situation where you have a stain in your home in Mayfair that you can’t put in the washing machine, then things can get pretty difficult! You will no doubt have experienced it already, things can get quite daunting when you have no idea how to tackle a stain, and everything is a little concerning, in that you may well ruin whatever it is that is stained, just as you would ruin a silk top by putting it in the washing machine on a high setting. In these instances, the best thing to do by far, is to talk to a professional cleaning company about the situation. A dried in stain may require some vigorous cleaning action, but it may be that the job is a specialist one, and attempting it yourself would certainly ruin things, causing a very expensive need for replacement. If you can, get on the phone to a domestic cleaning specialist, and ensure that they advise you on the best action. If the stain is fresh, then you may need to address it immediately, to avoid anything drying up and getting even more problematic. Of course, the age old ideas of chucking red wine or salt on things have their place, but it is not enough to cover the stain in such things and then leave it, you need to know what you are doing...

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The pigments in certain materials like red wine, ketchup and many other things, will settle into the fibers of clothes, carpets, upholstery and some hard surfaces in your home in Mayfair, W1 as they dry. Once they are there, it is extremely difficult to get them out, so when a textile is stained, you need to keep it as wet as possible, whilst also getting rid of the excess staining. Use a cloth to lift any residue from the stain, without smearing it anywhere else on the surface, by dabbing it, rather than wiping. You will find that the best way to keep a stain wet is to add a little water at a time, to stop the staining liquid spreading too far. Dilution is only a preventative measure, you will not be able to get rid of the stain with water alone.

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Household stain removals kits are extremely useful in these emergency situations, as they can be hugely effective early on. Some come in the form of a powder, some as a spray, but they all work similarly. Apply the cleaner to the exact area that the stain is effecting, and work it in, so that the chemical reaction that removes the dirt gets in to contact with all of the pigment in the stain. This will lift the stain out of the fibers of the textile, and you should be able to wipe the residue away, leaving a clean carpet, sofa or whatever it is that is stained.

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For hard surfaces, the main culprit for staining is water damage to wood. If you have soft or delicate hard wood floors in your house in Mayfair, you need to seal them against damage. Water will get into the grain of the wood and cause unsightly water marks if not, just like mug rings on a coffee table. Sealant comes in the form of certain polishes and finishes, which need to be applied by a professional, to ensure that the job is done right. A well applied sealant will keep your wood floor looking great for a long while so be sure to get it done well!

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