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26 June 2020
Small Cleaning Moves That Have Maximum Payout

Essential Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

house cleaning

Sometimes it takes a whole lot of effort to do the house cleaning. And then there are the geniuses who think about every move they make during that cleaning and say to themselves, “Hey, maybe there is an easier way!” And there is. Often times, house cleaners spend quite a long time doing the same move when scrubbing a surface or wiping a stain when they can simply flick their wrist another way and completely change the results, for example. Or eliminate a source of dirt so that they don’t have to clean it later in the first place. Here are some examples you can change in your daily life and domestic cleaning in order to either get the thing you want cleaned faster, or delay the need for its cleaning.

•    Use half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda on any drain once every two weeks. This will eliminate any chance of the pipes getting clogged as the mixture will eat through anything inside and keep the pipes cleansed. And you don’t have to do anything but simply pour!

drain cleaning

•    When you spill something on your stove, cover it with a hot towel. Yes, usually you take care of that with specialised cleaners, but sometimes that means ruining a bit of the oven as many cleaners or tools now have abrasive elements. But with a hot towel you soften up the stain and later you can simply wipe it off.

kitchen clean

•    Take off your shoes when in the house. This means bringing in less dirt and less dust. This also means less need for vacuuming and less chance for germs taking over.

no shoes at home

•    Use a microfiber cloth. This is the ultimate cleaning tool to replace all cleaning tools. It practically absorbs dust and gunk with the least amount of scrubbing and it needs only water to be washed. No more kitchen roll paper waste, no more using dirty rags.

microfiber cloth

•    Use a newspaper on the fridge shelves. Lay a sheet of newspaper under anything you put in the fridge. When you are done with it and remove the newspaper as well, the smell goes away along with the item.

fridge cleaning

•    Use stretch foil when eating. Yes, eat over a sheet of stretch foil and whatever you spill or whatever crumbs fall onto it, you will handle them with a single rolling up the sheet and dumping it in the rubbish bin. That simple, right?


•    Use the microwave oven to clean your sponge... and the oven. Microwave oven cleaning has ever been a pain in the B. But with a wet and soaped up sponge you can do a double duty cleaning job. Place it in the oven and turn it on for 5-10 minutes. After that the sponge will be dry and germ-free, and the oven will be a few moist swipes away from attaining the same state.

clean the microwave

•    Vacuum for 5 minutes a day to keep the dust away. Carpet cleaning can be handled much easier than you would expect. If you use your vacuum cleaner often enough, you won’t have to worry about any respiratory problems or kids playing on the ground. And we’re talking about 5 minutes here.

carpet cleaning

Incorporate these few cleaning tips into your daily home cleaning and you will immediately see the difference. It is simple to take care of the house when you put your creativity at work. With these tips you will always be a few motions away from getting whatever you want cleaned and ready for use almost immediately.

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