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24Nov 2013
Oven Cleaning in Chelsea: A Guide

Your Complete Guide to Oven Cleaning

oven cleaning

Roasting, baking and grilling of various foodstuffs over time tends to leave its mark on our ovens in Chelsea. We are a nation of food-lovers, so with heavy usage comes heavy soiling and a build-up of grime. Over time they collect grease and charred bits of food, which if not removed can begin to produce a burnt smell that can taint your food and even pose a fire risk.  For some their ovens will come with a built-in cleaning feature that will heat the oven to such a temperature that all good and grease turns to ash and can simply be wiped away. For most of us however it isn’t that easy, and our fan ovens will require a good couple of hours invested in them every so often in order to maintain their cleanliness.

Wipe the oven out after every use.
It may seem like a real hassle, but a ten second wipe will substantially lessen the periodicity with which you have to give your oven in in Chelsea, SW10 a serious clean.

wipe the oven

If it does need a clean, decide on your method first.
There are two ways to clean an oven, with a caustic or non-caustic cleaner. Non-caustic requires bicarbonate of soda, whereas caustic methods will use harmful, corrosive and often highly flammable materials.

If you are going non-caustic, start the night before.
Mix your bicarbonate of soda with water to make a thick past. Remove the oven racks and soak them in warm soapy water before coating the inside of the oven with your paste and leaving overnight. The next day be prepared to clean your racks with fresh cleaning fluids and tackle the inside of your oven with warm water and a serious amount of elbow grease.  

oven cleaners

Wrap up well if proceeding via the caustic method.
The caustic method will involve ammonia bleach and other seriously harmful chemicals, versions of which can be purchased from most supermarkets.  You will need to wear protective clothing and also cover the surrounding area throughout the process, which will take at least a couple of hours. It is also advisable that the room is blocked off from pets and children as the chemicals used can be seriously harmful to health.  

Start by removing the shelves and racks. Take them outside, spray with your cleaning solution and then wrap in a hole-free plastic bag before leaving for an hour, or as long as you see fit. Next, spray the oven thoroughly and close the door, leaving the foam or liquid to work for as long as the chemical manufacturer recommends.

cleaning the oven

Once the allotted ‘soak’ time has passed, remove your racks from the plastic bag carefully, hose them down and then take inside to wash clean with warm soapy water. Be careful when hosing – the greasy solution that is left will have a detrimental effect on any-plant life it comes into contact with. Rinse out the oven with a substantial amount of water and scour any last tough bits of grease from the surface of the oven walls. The smells may well be strong and quite overpowering so make sure your kitchen in your home in Chelsea is well ventilated and free from clutter to allow you to proceed quickly and efficiently. Any cloths or scouring pads used will be coated with thick tarry grease so will have to be thrown away after use, and be sure to heat your oven to maximum to remove any moisture or leftover cleaning product.

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