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26 June 2020
Incorporate Cleaning into Your Everyday Life

Make Everyday Cleaning a Part of Your Daily Routine

daily home cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t always have to be the job that you always do when you have a whole day free or a large block of time. A clean home is easy to maintain and a good domestic clean shouldn’t have to take forever. When it comes to cleaning, then maintenance is the best way to keep on top of things and if you are renting then it is a great way to lessen your end of tenancy cleaning. You will be guaranteed to get your deposit back if you keep on top of things during the time you spend in your home. This is where your comfort is after all so cleaning should be easy to do as a part of your everyday life. Use these five handy tips to make everyday cleaning a part of your daily routine.

bathroom cleaning

1.    Clean the bathroom while taking a shower, bath or cleaning your teeth. Cleaning wipes can make a clean easy and if you are standing there cleaning your teeth or sitting in the bath then you can give your surfaces a once over. Obviously make sure you are still doing a proper job on your teeth and leaving relaxing time in your bath. It’s great to get scrubbing while having a shower as the running water will wash away any grime you have lifted off and you can keep clean at the same time.

bedroom clean

2.    Give the bedroom a once over before going to bed or agfter waking up. Decide whether you are a morning person or a night person and then get to work before bedtime of first thing. This doesn’t have to be a big job, just go over your room with a duster and mop or hoover if you get a chance. Wipe down any surfaces that may have got mucky. The idea of cleaning a floor in one room is not nearly as daunting as thinking about the whole house and you will be done in seconds ready to rest easy or get to work happy.

kitchen cleaners

3.     Clean the kitchen while cooking. A kitchen clean is a tough one, but you spend a lot of time in there. While you are waiting for your porridge to warm up, your pop tart to pop or your dinner to get piping hot, you may as well be wiping down your surfaces and cleaning utensils. For oven cleaning, remember to give it a wipe over after every use, that way food won’t get stuck on and build up until it becomes too much of a big job to do in the ten minutes while your food is cooking.

clean the living room

4.    Clean the living room while watching you favorite program. Most programs run for half an hour or an hour so instead of sitting there you may as well give your living room a once over. Use a damp cloth over surfaces and give the floor a good wipe or switch the hoover on in the break. You will hardly notice that you are even doing any work. Don’t be afraid to pause for those good bits.

tidy up your home

5.    Keep things in the right place. What makes a regular home clean more doable is to keep cleaning products in each room. So your bedroom should have a duster readily available, your living room some wet wipes or a cloth and the kitchen and bathroom should have a selection of supplies to hand. Make sure your mop or hoover is within easy reach and close to an accessible plug socket so you are more likely to want to pick it up.

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