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18May 2015
Ideas to Bring Your Upholstery in Clapham Back To Life

How to Bring a New Life to an Old Upholstered Furniture

Upholstery Clean

If your furniture in Clapham is looking a little bit dirty and stained, the chances are you are not alone. With children, pets and just general use, sofas and upholstery can become dull and dirty. You can add new life to them however, buy investing in some sofa cleaning products to give them a good clean. Here are a few ideas to help you get your upholstery back to its best state.

1)    Preparation
Firstly, you need to make sure that you prepare the furniture in your home in Clapham, SW4 before you clean it. Most sofas and other upholstery will have zips or other fasteners to aid the removal of the covers. If you are unsure, you can check with the manufacturer or there may be instructions on the best way to proceed. If you are unable to remove covers, this is not a problem as you can use many products without removing them.

Cleaning Upholstery

2)    Washing
One way you might be able to tackle your upholstery cleaning is to wash it using detergent; however, this option is best suited to furniture in the SW11 region with removable upholstery. You should check the labels to see what washing instructions are on the upholstery before you wash it. As with all cleaning chemicals used on upholstery, you should always wash a small area first to make sure the colour doesn’t run out. If the label says you can wash it, you can use its guidelines to either put the upholstery in the washing machine or use the bath. The bath may be the best option as the upholstery may not all fit inside and it will save you doing two or more washes. Make sure the upholstery is completely dry before toy refit it to the sofa.

Upholstery Cleaners

3)    Cleaning Products
Another option to clean your furniture in SW4 is using chemical cleaners such as foams and sprays. There are a number of different cleaning products on the market that will remove dirt and stains, so you just need to try them and see which is best for you. As with the previous tip, always try an area first to see if the colour runs out. There are various types of cleaners. Some use powder that is sprinkled on and brushed into the fabric. Another type is a spray foam that is applied and then vacuumed off after a certain period of time. Both of these products are good at removing dirt and some stains.

Cleaning Services

4)    Steam Cleaning
As part of your house cleaning appliances, you may have a steam cleaner that you can use on your upholstery. These are great for cleaning fabrics and don’t use chemicals for a more environmentally friendly way of cleaning. You can steam the whole furniture item to reinvigorate it and remove dirt. It is best that you clean the upholstery in Clapham at a time when you can give it time to dry, as you don’t want to be sitting on a damp sofa. 

Carpet Cleaners

5)    Cleaning Services
There are professional cleaners who will come and clean your upholstery quickly and easily. They will often use a mixture of chemical and steam cleaners to get the dirt and grime out. Cleaning services can also do other cleaning as well so it can make sense to get them to do the sofa cleaning as well as the rest. Although it is the most expensive option of all, it will save you the time and effort to clean it yourself. You can also get a better result from a professional service.

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