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04Jul 2014
How To Thoroughly Clean Your Non-Self-Cleaning Oven in Hackney

Helpful Tips for Thorough Oven Cleaning

oven cleaning

Your oven is probably used on a daily basis in your home in Hackney, and with so much food being cooked in there it really is no surprise that dirt, grime and grease can build up so quickly! Oven cleaning can be quite a long task, but with a little elbow grease and using the right techniques, you can soon get your oven as sparklingly clean as it was when it was new! If you have an oven that doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature then here are just a few helpful tips to help you with your thorough oven clean!

1)    Get the right materials.
You’re going to need a few items for a proper and thorough oven clean but most of them can be found around your house in Hackney, E5. Though there are some good oven cleaning products available on the market, the chances are that you have everything that you need for a clean oven already in your cupboards! Gather together washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda, cleaning cloths, clean water, a kitchen cleaning product that can be used in the oven and a plastic spray bottle. You might also want to have a pair of rubber gloves if you’re dealing with a particularly grimy oven!

cleaning products

2)    Cleaning your oven racks.
Begin by removing the oven racks from your oven. These are going to need a thorough clean to remove grease and grime, so leave them in a bowl of warm water mixed with washing up liquid. For racks with particularly bad stains, leave them to soak in a mixture of water and a dash of ammonia to cut through even the toughest of grease and grime. After leaving your racks to soak, simply wipe them down and rinse for thoroughly clean oven racks!

cleaning oven racks

3)    Making a cleaning solution.
You can buy oven cleaning products from the shops, but these are often expensive, and you can easily and affordably make your own oven cleaner at home! Add four tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to a litre of water and decant the mix into a spray bottle. Shake thoroughly so that the water and baking soda can properly mix together.

kitchen cleaning

4)    Cleaning your oven.
Once you have your oven cleaner all you need to do is spray the inside of your oven. Ensure that your oven is completely cold when you do this! Be liberal with the spray, especially when it comes to areas that are very charred, stained or tarnished. Any blackened bits should be thoroughly dampened by the spray. If you have a particularly unclean oven then use more bicarbonate of soda and create a paste that you can smear onto the worst-affected parts of the oven. Whether you’ve used a paste or a spray, leave it to sit for at least an hour, though increase the time if you feel it’s necessary.

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5)    Clearing residue.
The bicarbonate of soda and water will help to loosen charred particles in your oven, and once the mixture’s sat for a while you can chip away at it using a chipper that you would use to clear ice from your car. Once this is done the oven in your house in Hackney should look much cleaner, though you might want to repeat this step.

oven clean

6)    Spritzing your oven.
Mix together a spray that consists of half water and half distilled vinegar. Give the interior and exterior of your oven a through spray and wipe it down using your cleaning cloths. The vinegar and water will remove any residue that remains, leaving you with an impeccably clean oven!

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