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03Apr 2014
How To Clean Your Hoover in Brompton

Best Ways to Maintain and Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

cleaning your vacuum cleaner

When it comes to home cleaning in Brompton, one of the things which most often gets overlooked is the cleaning tools themselves. As one of the most useful devices in the home, your vacuum cleaner can see a great deal of usage and this use can often result in the device needing to be cleaned regularly. If not, then you run the risk of dragging an unclean and dusty electrical appliance around the areas of the home which you have just cleaned. But how to approach the cleaning of a vacuum cleaner? Read on to discover that the entire process might be a great deal simpler than you might have thought.

vacuum cleaner

The first step and arguably the most important is to unplug the appliance. Throughout the cleaning process, you want to be sure that there is no electricity in the device and no danger of it turning on mid-clean. Following that, the next step should be to empty the vacuum bag or the area in which the dust and dirt is collected in the manner which you normally do so. Watch out with the bag not to drop dust in any areas of the house in Brompton, SW3 which you might already have cleaned.

The filter of your hoover will likely need to be cleaned, and this can be an excellent means of removing any scents and odours which have begun to leak from the vacuum exhaust. If your machine collects dust in a canister rather than a bag, then rinse, clean and leave it to dry.

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A wire coat hanger is of fantastic use here, as you can straighten it out and use the length of it in order to push through any blockages and build ups which might have occurred through the day to day use of the machine. Always be careful, however, to make sure that nothing rips or is pierced.

The next step might be the most complicated. You need to dust the interior area of the hose, and the best way to do this is to wake some old clothes and sheet and attached them to a mop or broom handle. Slide this contraption into the hose and use it to clear the inside of any dust build up.

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The same trick can be repeated in order to sanitise the tube. This time, use paper towels and a cleaning solution rather than the dry clothes. Not only can this remove any bacteria, but it can also get rid of any smell which might have built up in this part of the vacuum cleaner. Make sure that this part of the machine has completely dried before the next time you turn the machine on in order to prevent any short circuiting or any dangerous situations occurring.

Attended to the bristles on the base of the machine by laying it on its side. You can use a pair of scissors in order to trim any out of place or any hairs which have caught hold. Check the underside, including the belt and the wheels for any cracks or issues which might need to be addressed.

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The main body of the vacuum can now be sprayed with anti-bacterial spray and wiped down with a cloth. Make sure to spray the nozzles and all areas of the machine which might not seem obvious in order to get the best possible effect for your home in Brompton. Allow the vacuum cleaner time to dry and then you can begin using your lovely clean device.

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