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28Jul 2015
How Not To Clean Your Windows In Bermondsey

Best Ways to Improve Your Window Cleaning Talents

cleaning windows

You might think that cleaning windows in Bermondsey is easy, but there are a lot of things that people do that will prevent them from getting that professionally clean shine that you want to see. If you want to improve your window cleaning talents, and if you want to avoid common glass cleaning mistakes, here are some tips and advice to help you!

1) Never clean your windows in SE16 on a warm and sunny day!
Most people believe that the best time to clean your windows in Bermondsey – both inside and out – is one a warm sunny day. This myth comes from the belief that warm weather will dry your windows faster – which is where the problem arises! If you wash your windows in the heat then water will evaporate much more quickly than it would on a mild day, leaving streaks and stains that will leave your windows looking just as unclean as before! Always clean your windows on a mild day that’s not too hot, so that your windows can dry without streaks!

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2) Never scrub your windows!
Once your windows are wet with product and water, lots of people scrub or buff the glass to ensure it’s as clean as possible. This might seem like a good idea, but will only lead to streak sullying your glass! Always buff lightly to prevent this from happening, and always start at the upper left-hand corner and work your way down. This will ensure the window is evenly covered and won’t leave streaks.

don't scrub windows

3) Avoid using circular cleaning patterns!
Many people in SE1 clean their windows and their glass by using circular motions with their sponge on cloth. This isn’t the best way to achieve the results that you want to see, and can lead to streaking. Instead, use an “S” shape with your cleaning tool for a much better and much more professional result!

circular cleaning patterns

4) Never leave your windows to dry naturally!
Even in mild weather, if your windows are left to dry naturally then you will come across streaks. Stop this happening to your windows in Bermondsey, SE16 by drying them with a soft and clean cloth. Again, work from the upper left-hand corner and work your way down using “S” shapes. Don’t forget to dry the frames too!

window cleaner

5) Always choose the right window cleaning product!
Using the wrong product can make your windows appear dirtier than when you first start cleaning! Always use a specific glass window cleaning product to get the best results. If you don’t have the right product to hand, you can always try warm water with a couple of drops of washing up liquid as an effective and cheap alternative!

dusting windows

6) Always dust your windows!
Before cleaning always make sure your windows have been dusted. Blinds and curtain poles are optimal places for dust and cobwebs to hide, which can make your windows appear dirty should they fall after you’ve cleaned!

cleaning window frames

7) Don’t forget to clean your windowsills and frames!
Your windowsills and window frames are just as important to clean as your windows are! Take a sponge, warm water and a dash of washing up liquid and give them a quick buff to remove dirt and grime. This method is ideal for both indoor and outdoor window cleaning, but don’t forget to lay some towels or old sheets down inside your home to prevent your carpet from getting wet! Always dry your window frames to get the best results, this can be done with a dry and clean cloth.

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