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14Feb 2014
Getting A Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaner Is The Sensible Option in Twickenham!

Importance of Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

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With regards to the end of a tenancy in Twickenham, you will likely have quite a lot on your plate. However, one of the largest jobs that you will have to get sorted, after vacating the place of all of your belongings, will be ensuring that your place is as clean as when you arrived. Unfortunately there is little attention given by landlords to how clean the place actually was when you arrived, so it basically means the place has to be spotless. The reality of the situation is that the landlord will be looking to get a bit of cash back out of your deposit if they can, and an unclean place will always give them cause to suggest that they need to get a domestic cleaner in, which costs you some cash from your deposit. Many people opt to clean the place themselves, and it can work for them, so have a look at the two sides of the coin below.

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If you are thinking of cleaning the place yourself, then you have to consider this: you will spend a decent amount of time and effort getting the job done, and at the end of it, you will have no proof other than the state of the place in Twickenham, TW1, that you put all this work in. If you have a bit of time spare, and you are handy with the cloth and vacuum, then feel free to have a go, but don’t waste any time or effort getting something done that is only going to be done again by someone else that you have to pay for! If you are considering doing your own end of tenancy cleaning, then think carefully about how to go about it. The only sensible time to do so is once you have removed all of your furniture and done any repairs or DIY that needs sorting. These processes make a fair bit of mess, and you will no doubt want to get them out of the way to ensure that your cleaning efforts are not undone! Ensure that you hit every nook and cranny, in order to prevent the landlord finding a dusty cupboard and claiming that the place has not been cleaned!

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If you feel like all that seems like a lot of effort, then why not do exactly what is asked of you? The fact is that cleaning the whole place will take you half a day or so, which in the scheme of moving house is quite a lot of time to be taken up! If you are in a position where you do not have a huge amount of free time, then a cleaning professional for your end of tenancy cleaning in Twickenham will be the best answer. The best thing is, if the landlord tries to question you on the cleanliness, then you can simply send them the receipt for the cleaning services, and they won’t be able to take any cash from you! If you are concerned about the cost, then think of it this way; when your home is full of furniture, it probably takes 45 minutes to clean a mid-sized room. Therefore a three bed flat takes four hours or so to clean well. However, if you remove all of the furniture, crockery, rugs etcetera, then all you have is four walls and the floor! Hence, the cleaning will take more like two hours, which will not cost you that much at all! Is it really worth suffering over?

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