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27Mar 2015
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Advice to Use in Camden

Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide

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Leaving your property in Camden immaculately clean and in tip-top condition is so important. A deep house cleaning might be the last thing you want to do, in the middle of house hunting, packing and relocating, but it is the only way to ensure the return of your security deposit, as well as a good tenant reference for your next landlord. Obviously some things are out of your control, and most landlords won’t complain about fair wear and tear, but a thorough end of tenancy cleaning is absolutely essential. You might want to consider hiring cleaning contractors to take the hassle of cleaning out of your hands, but if paying for professionals is out of your price range and you’d rather take care of the cleaning process yourself, then this guide to the perfect end of tenancy cleaning might help.


Chuck it out

First things first, once you have packed up all your belongings ready for your move, then anything left behind that wasn’t there when you moved in has to go. That full length mirror you love, but can’t fit in the car to take with you? It’s time to say goodbye to your home in Camden, NW1. Before you even start to clean, take a bin bag throughout the entire property and purge the house of any and all leftover items, down to the tiniest bit of rubbish. Check down the back of the sofa for stray sweet wrappers or down the side of your bed for an old biro that might have fallen down. Remember, landlords can be ruthless in the costs of disposal they charge for leftover items.

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Put it back

You should remember exactly where all of the furnishings were when you first moved into your rented property and how everything was arranged. Even if you think you’re doing your landlord a big favour with your feng shui rearrangements, it’s important to return every last item to the location and position it was in when you first moved in to the property. If your furniture and fixtures haven’t been moved, and everything has remained in its original home, then make sure you remember to lift them up and vacuum thoroughly underneath during the big house clean.

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Clean, clean, clean!

This may go without saying, but the most significant part of your end of tenancy cleaning in Camden is the actual cleaning itself. This has to be a seriously intense procedure, that leaves your flat or house spotless - not just like the quick scrubbing you give it when your parents come to visit. It’s important to have all the right products, so stock up on bleach, over cleaners, bathroom spray, sponges, floor cleaner and anything else you might need. Wash everything inside and out. In the kitchen, ensure that every shelf of the oven is immaculate; if you have an extractor fan above the hob then make sure it’s free from grease and grime. Clean the washing machine – not forgetting the soap and fabric conditioner drawers, and disinfect and scrub clean every inch of your fridge and freezer. If you have any serious stains on furniture, carpets or curtains that you just can’t get out even with the strongest products, then it might be in your best interest to hire professionals to clean these marks, as you can shop around for the best deal, rather than wait for it to be removed from your deposit. It’s also important that the whole house is free from dust. Do one final sweep of the property and inspect every nook and cranny, including skirting, window sills, door frames, lampshades and plug sockets, and remove every speck of dust.

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