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29Apr 2015
Effective Hard Floor Cleaning Tips To Use In Wandsworth

How to Clean Hardwood Floors and Keep Them Looking Fresh

hard floor cleaning

Floor surfaces in homes and offices in Wandsworth are made to last a lifetime. They should be slip resistant and highly durable. The materials used make them are different too; according to the look and feel of the place they can be stone, tiles, marble, wood, hardwood, etc. Let us look at ways to make the cleaning and upkeep easier for you. House cleaning generally overlooks this very important part of the house. It is the base of all structure, hence must look fresh and welcoming.

•    Commercial vs. domestic – The selection of the hard floor surface in Wandsworth, SW8 shall depend on the kind of use it will be put to. A commercial place is bound to face a lot more of footfalls/traffic than a domestic one. Hardwood floors have a common acceptance. They look natural and are relatively long lasting.

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•    Avoid those spillages – Try to clean the spillage off as soon as possible. This holds true for all surface types. Make sure a good surface cleaning agent is used. It should not cause harm to the surface. Substances like slate, limestone and marble can react to certain acids. It will be wise to do a small patch test when trying a new detergent. Traditional home cleaning methods generally work on all surfaces.

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•    Use furniture stoppers – The rubbing of furniture against the floor causes discolouration and severe scratches. It is wise to use stoppers so that the constant friction is reduced. They are a one-time investment and can be easily moved with the furniture you have in the SW18 area, in case you wish to change the setting. Adding felt pads to the corners and legs of the same colour as the furniture can be helpful as well.


•    Dust and germ carrier – Being the surface trodden on by many feet, the floors are in constant contact with all sorts of germs that are transported all over. Use a good floor sanitizer while mopping or washing the floor to ensure a germ-free atmosphere.

germ elimination

•    Perfect sealers – Always ensure that the gaps are sealed properly otherwise the floor can get weak and will wear off well before its time. The materials used to build the floor in the home or office in the SW8 district shall start coming to the surface due to the tension and imbalance. Use a fine brush to clean these joints once a year. Do not use oil based soaps when sealers are applied. Doormats are the easiest way to avoid abrasions on the floors and the sealers and hard floor cleaning gets some respite.

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•    Weather protection – During winters, try to keep the floor as dry as possible as there is a lot of moisture in the air and it can damage the floor. Vacuum the doormat regularly. Effects of hard floors’ exposure to summer heat can be damaging. Keeping it under check can prevent them. Regular sweeping and vacuuming can keep the risk at bay.


•    Professional cleaners – Consult a cleaning service provider in Wandsworth who has been in business long enough and can work on your specific floor type. Request cleaners to sample on a portion of the floor to check for the strength of the detergent. Use of modern cleaning techniques and specialized cleaning products can restore a floor to its previous glory. Deep cleaning contractors prove to offer a comprehensive package for longevity. Seeking their recommendations can help you to get the best results out of the cleaning companies.

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Hope these points help you to reclaim the charm of your hard floors and maintain their good look for many years to come.

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