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26 June 2020
Don't Make These Mistakes when Cleaning Your Windows

Most Common Window Cleaning Mistakes People Make

cleaning windows

There are a few home cleaning chores considered by many to be more difficult than others. Window cleaning is surely among them, as it takes a rather specialised approach. The worst part is that you can do little to keep the outside of every window in a clean state, other than clean it regularly, which is a bother.

Never underestimate the importance of the cleaning job when windows are concerned. You need to have certain knowledge and be prepared with some gear. The worst thing that can happen is that you may feel like you have just completed the job only to find that you have done so to such a poor result. Investing time and effort to clean in such a situation is inevitable. In order to go around that, you need to be aware of the most common window cleaning mistakes people make and try to avoid them:

window clean

- Cleaning when the sun is shining bright - it is a common belief that this home cleaning chore is best attempted when the weather is nice, i.e. the sun is shining and there’s enough light. The main issue with that is that hot weather and sunshine can cause the cleaning solution you have chosen to dry out almost immediately, which leads to hard to clean streaks on the glass. The best time to clean your windows is on a cloudy day or at a time of the day when your windows are in the shade.

cleaning detergent

- Using an insufficient amount of cleaning solution - applying enough of the window cleaner you have selected for the job is very important. Otherwise you cannot expect to achieve good results, in case your windows have accumulated a lot of dirt and are particularly grimy. Whether you have chosen to rely on a commercial product or a homemade solution, you need to ensure enough of it is used.

clean window frames

- Ignoring the dirt on the sashes, sills and frames - what do you think will happen when you let too much dust and dirt accumulate on those parts of your windows and you wet it with your cleaning solution? The simple answer - a big mess. It is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner to address the solid dirt particles on those parts, before there is too much dirt and dust there. This will make a huge difference!

do not dry with newspaper

- Avoid using newspaper to dry - newspaper is far from ideal to use when drying the windows after a cleaning session. It is true that there are reports of how good it actually is and that it can substitute a good microfiber cloth. Considering that you will be using the latter in a lot of your house cleaning chores, it is best if you get a good towel of that variety and use it. Its absorbing properties are unrivalled and there is hardly a better alternative, unless you want to print the newspaper stories on a freshly cleaned window.

window cleaning

- Pick a good quality paper towel - if you lack a microfiber cloth and you absolutely have to use a paper towel, the least you can do is make sure that it is a good one. Lint-free paper towels are a good substitute to microfiber cloths, although you have to ensure they are strong enough. You don’t want them tearing up and leaving lint all over your clean windows, as that would mean a poor finish of this domestic cleaning task.

When it comes to window cleaning, it pays to avoid all of the common mistakes people make. Familiarise yourself with the best practices and you can tackle this chore with ease.

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