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13Mar 2015
Do Some Upholstery Cleaning in Shoreditch And Make Your Furniture Look Brand New

Revive Your Worn Out Furniture with Easy Upholstery Cleaning Tips

upholstery cleaning

Is the furniture in your home in Shoreditch looking a bit shabby and neglected? Need to give it a bit of a touch up and give it a good clean? Then implement some of these techniques and house cleaning strategies to give your upholstered furniture a new lease of life.

read label

1.    Try and find the label on your upholstery.
On every type of upholstered furniture, there should be a small label, tucked away in the corner somewhere out of sight. Try and find this label and give it a read, as it will probably have some vital information on it regarding the material of your upholstery, cleaning methods, whether it’s machine washable etc. So seek this out and it will make the upholstery cleaning process a whole lot easier if you’re clued up on what to do beforehand.

vacuum cleaning

2.    Vacuum clean.
To get rid of general dirt and dust from your upholstery, give it a quick clean with your vacuum cleaner. Make use of the various attachments and nozzles that come with your vacuum cleaner and read the manual so that you know which one to use. However when using your cleaner, try not to pull your upholstery and make it too taut, because that’s when rips and tears might occur.

stain removal

3.    Blot any spills as quickly as possible.
If you have a fresh spill on your upholstery material, blot dry it as soon as you possibly can. Use a soft towel or cloth and blot the stain, starting from the outside and working your way into the middle, blotting as you go. It’s vitally important that you remember not to try and rub the stain dry, no matter how tempting it may be, because this will just create a bigger mess and more work for you to deal with in the long run.

cleaning products

4.    Be wary of the type of cleaners that you use on your upholstery.
When it comes to removing stains and marks from your upholstery, there’s no single all-type upholstery cleaner, so it’s vitally important that you do your homework before you go spending any of your money. That’s why finding a label on your upholstery will help you a whole lot when you’re deciding what type of cleaner to buy. There’s a lot that you need to keep in mind when buying a cleaner: the type of material your upholstery is made out of, its colour, age and the type of stain or spill on it are all things that you should be aware of.  If your upholstered furniture is very important to you, perhaps it’s an antique or holds some special significance in your life, then don’t take the risk of using the wrong product on the upholstery; a safer bet would be to call a cleaning agency that operates in the E1 area and leave your furniture in the capable hands of their professional cleaners.

furniture cleaning

5.    Use some baby wipes or wet wipes for a quick, cheap and effective solution for getting your upholstery clean.
Wet wipes are a great and useful piece of equipment to have in your storage cupboard. If you notice a few specks of dirt on your upholstery, wet wipes can be used to instantly wipe the area clean. They’re great because they won’t saturate your upholstery material so you won’t have to wait too long for the area to dry.

sofa cleaning

6.    Do your research and book the right cleaning company.
If you’ve tried to get your house clean but without much success, give a few cleaning companies in Shoreditch, E2 a call, get some price quotes and then book a cleaning service to meet your specific requirements. 

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