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26 June 2020
Cut Your Time Spent Cleaning in Half with These Tricks

Time-saving Cleaning Hacks to Cut Your Housework

fast home cleaning

In our busy lives, we are constantly short of time. Busy working professionals are always torn between their hectic work life and their domestic responsibilities, and that often leaves them with very little free time for themselves. Life need not be that stressful though, and as far as house cleaning and household chores go, you can easily cut the time you spend scrubbing, mopping and wiping in half just by using a few helpful tricks and some clever planning. Here’s what you can start with:

Create a Good System

Everything works better when it has been carefully planned first. The same goes for home cleaning – the more organised you are, the easier you will find this chore and the less time you will have to spend on it. Always follow the same order during your house cleaning – start from the same place and work on one room at a time. This will cut your cleaning time by reducing your time spent running around wondering what to clean next and you will form a routine you can then follow almost automatically.

house cleaning system
Left to Right, Top to Bottom

Don’t start cleaning a room by first mopping the floor, then wiping the blinds and after that dusting the cupboards. This will only create distractions and may double your work, as if you clean the floor fist, chances are after you wipe the coffee table or cupboards dust will fall on the floor and you’ll have to mop it again. Start from the top left corner of the room and work your way down and right. That way, you won’t miss a single spot and this systematic approach will significantly reduce your time spent on domestic cleaning.

top to bottom clean
Stock Up on Tools and Supplies

Always have a good supply of the various house cleaners you need for your cleaning chores and use quality equipment. Keep them somewhere handy, where you’ll be able to easily reach them – in a kitchen cabinet, in the bathroom, etc. You can also use a bucket for easy storage of all your supplies. That way, you won’t have to stop halfway through cleaning your home because you’ve run out of carpet cleaner and you haven’t replenished your supplies.

cleaning supplies
Take Preventive Measures

The easiest way to reduce your cleaning time is to have less to clean, and the simplest way to achieve that is by preventing the problems rather than resolving them. You can prevent dirt build up in various parts of your home by using specialised products. For instance, scotchgard can reduce the need for frequent carpet cleaning by forming a protective layer on your carpets. There are special shower cleaning products too, which can simply be sprayed on after you take a shower and will prevent the build up of scum and grime on the tiles and grout.

carpet cleaning
React Immediately

If there is a spill on your carpet, for instance, it will be much easier to clean if you do it right after it occurs than if you wait for your next rug cleaning session. By then, the stain will have set and will be much harder to remove, thus requiring more effort and time. The same goes for your kitchen – after you are done cooking, wipe the counters and oven; it will take just a few minutes but the grime and grease will be much easier to clean off before they become caked in.

fast reaction
Magic Erasers Are Your Friends

Magic erasers are a great invention that can speed up your home cleaning significantly and make it a lot easier too. They can remove stains other tools and detergents can’t and they can clean almost any type of wall, surface or floor – tile, laminate, wood or even natural stone. Always keep a magic eraser handy when you are cleaning your house – they are very efficient and quite cheap too.

magic eraser
Regular Speed Cleaning

Your home will be much easier to clean if you do it more often in short sessions. After a deep clean, say thorough spring cleaning, you should regularly give your home a once-over to keep it in pristine condition. The less dirt, the easier it will be to clean, so don’t let grime and dust build up for too long, as a deep clean will require much more effort and time than a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule.

speed cleaning
With a bit of planning and following a good routine, you can significantly reduce your time and efforts spent cleaning. Use these tricks to cut your time spent on chores and utilise your newly found free time in any way you like.

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