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22Aug 2016
Cleaning Products You Already Have at Home

How to Clean Your Home with Products You Have?

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Sometimes you cannot afford to buy expensive cleaners, but that is not always required. You already have quite a lot of useful cleaning products at home.

•    Baking Soda: Good old baking soda is the ultimate tool in home cleaning.

•    Vinegar: As good as baking soda, plus the option of disinfecting cleaned spots.

•    Lemon Juice: With citric acid working in its favour, it both eats through stains and freshens.

•    Borax: This mineral powder can be mixed into many combinations and make good cleaners.

•    Castile Soap: Pure, organic, healthy to use – there is rarely a better house cleaner.

•    Salt: Excellent for taking care of dish stains, if you have the patience to let it sit.

•    Essential Oils: Maybe not the best in cleaning, but in combination it provides the aroma.

•    Hydrogen Peroxide: Apart from antiseptic, this chemical makes for a strong disinfectant.

•    Bleach: While toxic, it works wonders on tougher stains, and it is somewhat harmless when mixed with water.

•    Shampoo: Don’t think shampoos can be cleaners? Well, then try cleaning your rug with them.

•    Dish Detergent: Works just as well on smaller stains as it does on dishes.

Your kitchen and cupboard are filled with useful items which you can use for house cleaning. Test them out and see that you can save a lot of money on store-bought ones.

With some imagination and plenty of water, all those cleaning products can used in great recipes that work even better than all of them would by themselves.

Make cleaners for carpets, upholstery, drains, windows, and so on – discover all the great mixtures you can use to deal with your domestic chores and have fun while cleaning.

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