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24Oct 2014
Bathroom Cleaning in Knightsbridge - From Nightmare To No Worries

What is the Best Way to Clean a Bathroom?

bathroom cleaning

Allow the reflective surface of the mirror in your home in Knightsbridge dazzle you every time you see your reflection! A clean bathroom leads to a clean morning routine and a clean start to the day. These simple, every day tips can take away the nightmare of cleaning a bathroom and give you a ‘no worries’ attitude. Make household cleaning easy room by room, starting with the bathroom.

toilet cleaning

Use a simple citric juice remedy to disinfect, deodorise and clean the toilet. Dilute lemon juice in a spray bottle with water and spray in the bowl of the toilet, under the lid, and around the buttons. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes then wipe away with a damp, clean cloth. Do this every week to avoid bacterial growth building up and keep the toilet smelling fresh.

shower clean

The shower is something used almost every day in a family household in Knightsbridge, SW1. Start a good habit by encouraging everyone who uses the shower to wipe it down after each use. A simple squeegee tool or microfiber cloth kept in the shower is perfect for this. Wiping water drops off the glass will prevent water stains and marks, as well as preventing mould build-up. It will also keep the glass of the shower in a shiny state.

sink cleaning

For a basic clean, after brushing your teeth each morning wipe the sink over with a tissue, sponge or cloth. Using bleach or baking soda and vinegar will effectively clean out the drain. Pour your preferred mixture down the drain, let it sit for half an hour or so, and pour boiling water down to unclog and disinfect the drain. To remove mould or soap scum build up around the taps, an acidic product poured on a toothbrush will allow you to scrub the region and get into the crevices to remove the build-up.

drain unblocking

At least twice a month, use a preventative approach to keeping drains clear. Pour half a cup baking soda directly down the drain in the shower, bathtub and sink. Next, pour ½ cup of vinegar. Combined, the mixture will foam up. Allowing it to stand for a 5-10 minutes will break down acids and grease from shampoos and other bathing products. Finally, pour boiling water down the drain to wash out clogs and ensure the drain is clear.

cleaning soap scum

Soap Scum
Acidic products will effectively remove soap scum where it builds up around taps, drains and product bottles in the bathroom. A solution of vinegar diluted with water will remove stubborn residue and make this household cleaning step easy and stress free. Wear gloves during this process to avoid skin contact with the mixture.

mirror cleaning

Use a spray and wipe method every few days to keep the mirror shiny and clean. Microfiber cloths will work best to clean mirrors. First, use a dry clean cloth to wipe dust particles away. Shake off the cloth. Then spray the mirror and being to wipe. Work from top to bottom of the mirror so that all dust is shifted downwards and can be easily removed at the base.

scrubbing tiles

For shiny tiles, use a microfiber mop to remove dust particles and pick up excess dirt effectively. A bucket of hot, soapy water is the best way to clean the floors in your home in Knightsbridge. Add some lavender oil or lemon juice for a natural disinfectant and deodoriser. When mopping, ensure that you wring the mop out thoroughly to remove excess moisture from the mop. Give the tiles time to dry before feet get in contact with the tiles to avoid foot marks on the now shiny surface. A microfiber cloth can be used in the same method to clean wall tiles.

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