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15Oct 2013
Alternative Cleaning Methods to Break up your Routine in Putney

How Do You Keep the Top of Cleaning?

house cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your home in Putney, too many people are happy to accept the norms of the processes that they use. It is rare that many people like to challenge the ways in which they tend to clean, as they are used to the ways in which they do things, and do not want to upset this balance. It is quite clear when you think about it however, that there is little that makes sense about the ways in which many people clean, as it involves a lot of unsustainable products as well as wasteful and harmful methods. These both tend to contribute to an unhappy wallet, as the repeat buying of products and materials leads to regular and unnecessary spending. You can control your payments as well as your impact on the planet by simply taking a step back from the way in which you clean your house and having a think about how it could be done in a more intelligent way. Whilst some people are happy to do this, others need things spelling out to them, so have a look through these tips for making a change for the better as far as how you clean your place. 

cleaning tools

First off, what equipment do you use? Do you have a big old vacuum cleaner that you struggle up the stairs with, or that is difficult to move around the room because of its design or weight? You need to look at how efficient your tools are, because if they are making your cleaning a massive difficulty, then you are not cleaning to your full ability. The cleaning in Putney, SW15 can be stressful because people hate doing these repetitive actions, and if the things that they are using to get the job done are not easy and efficient to use, then it is pretty pointless even bothering! The same goes for faulty mops, buckets, cloths, sponges, dustpans and brushes. All of these things need to be in great working order, or the cleaning will take longer and be more stressful than is necessary.

green cleaning products

Look at the products that you use. Are you using expensive chemical based cleaning products that run out extremely quickly? These products are bad for both your health and the environment, without even considering the costs that are involved in buying them every couple of weeks. You should look in to how you can make reductions on this, by using alternative cleaning methods. Some people in the SW15 area are turning to more traditional methods of cleaning, using eco-friendly products such as  lemon, vinegar and baking powder to get their cleaning done, as the natural acidity and carbonate powers combine to clean very effectively throughout the house. You may want to substitute some of your cleaning products for these sorts of things, as it will cut down on cost and reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your home, which is essential if you have young children especially.

steam cleaning

Using alternative methods in your home in Putney like steam cleaning is another great way to make your life easier as well as more cost effective. Steam uses only water, and the high heat and pressure removes dirt so that surfaces are easy to wipe clean. After the initial cost of the equipment, your costs will drop to the price of your water bill, as there are no more products to buy. Watch out though, as different steamers will be needed for different jobs, so you may spend more than you’d like to at first.

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