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15Jul 2015
A Home Clean Your Whole Family Can Enjoy In Hounslow

Best Ways to Make Your Household Chores Fun for Every Member of Your Family

home cleaning

Finding the time in your busy schedule to clean your home in Hounslow can be a difficult task. Especially when you would rather spend your free time with friends and family, generally enjoying yourself. You can make a big home clean into some family fun however by getting everyone involved. Many hands make light work and some basic chores can teach children responsibility and respect, they will be less likely to make a mess! So put the whole family to work.

• Make it a weekly thing. You will need to do a home clean weekly anyway so you can make it a once a week thing. Recurring activities stop being a chore and begin to be a fun experience with lots of stories to talk about after. Each week could be a chance to try a new technique or get on a different area of your home in TW3 for a deep clean such as oven cleaning or upholstery cleaning. Have a routine after the clean as a treat, maybe you all go out for a family meal or have a picnic, something to get the incentive going.

cleaning routine

• Make some games. Get some prizes ready and hand them out to the best room. You could get some teams together if you have enough people involved and do a thorough inspection afterwards. Each week you could have a different judge and make the prizes new and exciting. You might find you start getting results that resemble that of professional cleaners!

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• Make your own cleaning products. Look online for recipes and have fun mixing them up together. Add essential oils of your choice so you can really put your own mark on each room of your house in Hounslow, TW4. Give everyone a different fragrance to work with or let them choose their favourite. Homemade cleaning products are also great for kids, not only do they feel more involved in making them but they are also safe if they come into contact with their skin and safe on little lungs when inhaling.

eco-friendly cleaning

• Assign different jobs. Make a chart and put it in the kitchen for everyone to check on each week. Mix up chores so everyone gets a chance to do everything. Have someone on sofa cleaning, another on kitchen cleaning and one on carpet cleaning. Charts can be great as you can even use stickers and make everyone keen to do their bit for the household in TW3.

household chores

• Have a race. If you are all racing to get your chores finished first then you will be surprised how quickly things will go! A complete domestic clean can be done faster than any cleaning agencies would have been able to go through it.

domestic cleaning

• Make it fun. Turn on some upbeat music to get everyone in the productive mood. Make sure you go around and check on everyone so they don’t get bored. If your rooms in Hounslow are far away then just get everyone on a different task in the same room so you can soon whip through the whole house. Assign someone the task of getting snacks and refreshments ready such as lemonade and biscuits so that you all stay hydrated and have plenty of energy.

make cleaning fun

Spending time with the family is so important and you should always be finding fun things to do together. This doesn’t always mean searching for local attractions however, Fun can not only be found in your own home, but it can be made useful as well. Kids love anything that is injected with excitement and it’s a great way to show them how to tackle day to day chores throughout life, with a happy attitude and enthusiasm.

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