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03Jun 2015
A Guide to Oven Cleaning in Balham

What is the Best Way to Clean the Oven?

oven cleaning

How many happy meals come out of your humble oven in Balham? One can’t really put a number to it, right? We value the role an oven plays in families. It would be nice to have a ready reckoner to oven cleaning which saves your time and energy. Here are few tricks that work like magic.

•    Essentials for the cleaning – It would be really helpful to have a few items handy before commencing the oven cleaning process in SW12: baking soda, sponge, hot water, gloves, paper towels, soft scrubber, metal scrubber, spray bottle, liquid detergent, baby oil, old toothbrush, sturdy tissues and scraper of some kind. These essentials will allow you to quickly work on the appliance. Keep appropriate ventilation in the kitchen while cleaning. It is imperative that you keep windows and doors open to allow fresh air into the kitchen. However non-toxic the cleaning solution might be it is always recommended to allow fresh air to come in contact and oxygenate the cleaning process.

cleaning essentials

•    Cleaning the inside of the oven – Make a thin paste of soda bicarbonate and water and apply evenly on the inside of the oven. Leave the paste on for 30 minutes or so. The tough stains that had hardened will now be easy to wipe off with a sponge. In case they are still tough, use an old toothbrush to scrub them away. Leaving a heatproof/oven friendly bowl in the hot oven with water and fresh lemon juice will deodorise it. While dealing with domestic cleaning in Balham, SW11, most of the rigid stains can be let off with this mix.

cleaning oven racks

•    Cleaning the racks – Racks catch all the drips and the grease does not leave them very easily. Fill a bathtub with hot water and add some liquid detergent to it. Soak the racks in it overnight. The next morning, use a toothbrush or a metal scrubber to ease out the grease and dirt. Your oven racks will shine as good as new. Try to not allow spills while cooking or baking something. Invest in a spill tray in case your oven does not come with it.

oven door cleaning

•    Cleaning the door – In case your oven door is removable, soak it in the bath tub just like the racks and use a crumpled newspaper to clean it. In case it is not removable, make a paste of soda bicarbonate and water or bicarbonate with vinegar and smear it on the glass, inside and out. Use a soft scrubber to remove all the stains. They will come off easily and leave the glass brand new. Toothbrush dipped in diluted vinegar can work on the edges and fittings.

cleaning products

•    Oven cleaning products – Thick cleaning solutions like Cif work well as well. Use them on the non-removable and removable parts of the oven and scrub with a rubber scrubber, gently. They are non- sticky and are tough on the stains.

oven cleaners

•    Professional cleaners - A team of well-seasoned professionals in Balham can work on the oven for you. Their experience can prove lethal for all kinds of stains and dirt. Cleaning professionals covering SW12 can work out a pocket friendly and easily manageable contract for all your needs. It is imperative that you insist on them testing a patch of their chemicals on the oven. This will allow you to check for any fume allergies that someone in your family might have. There are non-toxic and herbal solutions available with them as well. You may choose at your discretion.

We hope these tricks will help you to keep your oven stain and grease free.

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