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25 June 2020
7 Hidden Spots to Check for Dog Hair, Stains and Dirt

How Do We Deep Clean Our Houses with Pets?

cleaning homes with dogs

If you are the proud owner of a dog, you will no doubt love the man’s best friend and its company, but there are certain aspects of keeping a dog as a pet that won’t be so pleasant. Dog hair, for instance, can ruin the appearance of your entire home, not to mention the dirt and stains that will inevitably be caused by even the most house-trained dog. House cleaning can become a nightmare and your place can look shabby and neglected if you are not vigilant and pay close attention to home cleaning chores.

Here are seven of the common spots at your home you should regularly check for dog hair, stains and dirt and clean as soon as you notice any of those issues that go hand in hand with owning a dog.

1.    The Wall behind Your Dog’s Food and Water Bowls

Your dog can easily knock off its food or water bowl, thus spilling its contents on the floor. But while a mat can prevent your floor from getting too dirty and minimise your floor cleaning efforts, you should not forget to check the wall behind the bowls as well, as there will likely be splatters of water or food there. Wipe those off with a damp rag.

clean behind bowls
2.    Windowsills

If your dog has the habit of standing by the window and barking at strangers, it will most probably rest its paws on the windowsill while doing that. And no matter how well you wipe your dog’s paws after coming back from a walk, they can still get dirty while it’s roaming around your home. If your dog sheds a lot, the windowsill may be covered in dog hair too. Make sure you don’t forget to wipe windowsills during your regular home cleaning sprees to remove any dirt or pet hair.

windowsill cleaning
3.    Under Beds

Your dog may have its own bed to sleep in or sleep with you in yours, but that doesn’t mean it won’t occasionally hide under your bed – for instance, during thunderstorms, hails, etc. This will lead to dog hair being stuck around your bed’s poles and frame, not to mention the hair scattered on the carpet underneath the bed. Vacuum under your bed on a regular basis and wipe any hair and dirt off the bed frame and legs.

floor clean
4.    Throw Pillows

If your dog is permitted on the sofa, you will definitely have some issues with dog hair stuck to your throw pillows. But that’s not the only way your dog can get your sofa dirty. Dog drool is a common culprit for sofa stains. Check your sofa cushions and throw pillows for stains and pet hair and use a stain remover or a suitable upholstery cleaning product to remove the marks. You can use a rubber glove or some duct tape to easily collect dog hair, as it will stick to the rubber or tape. You can also take off throw pillow cases, if they are removable, and wash them in your washing machine.

furniture cleaning
5.    Under Sofa Cushions

Treating the surface of your sofa and throw pillows is just the beginning of your sofa cleaning endeavour. There will likely be a lot of dirt collected under sofa cushions, and a large part of that may be dog hair, treats your furry friend has ‘buried’ there, dirt shed from its paws and even dog toys. Regularly check for dirt and hair under your sofa cushions and use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum those out of the fabric and base of your sofa.  

upholstery cleaners
6.    Around Your Dog’s Bed

The area around and under the dog bed is another place you should check for pet hair and gunk. There will most likely be lots of dust bunnies collected around the pet bed too. Clean the carpet and floor around your dog’s bed to remove dust, hair and dirt.

clean around dog beds
7.    Your Car Interior

Technically, your car is not a part of your home, but it is still one of your most prized possession and keeping both its exterior and interior clean is important. Even if you use a dog carrier and seat covers for transporting your dog in your car, chances are there will be a lot of dirt and dog hair on your car seats and all over the car interior. Vacuum the seats from time to time and wipe the door rests and upholstery with a damp rag to remove dirt and dust.

car upholstery clean
Don’t forget to check all those spots where dog hair, stains, dirt and dust may be lurking during your regular domestic cleaning sprees. Your home will look, feel and smell a lot better of you do that.

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