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25 June 2020
7 Clever Vacuum Cleaning Tricks to Keep at Hand

Make Your Home Cleaner and Your Life Easier

clever vacuuming tips

If you think vacuum cleaners are designed for carpet cleaning only, you’ll be surprised to know how many other things you could clean with them. In fact, a vacuum cleaner is perhaps the most versatile cleaning tool among all household appliances. Here are some great vacuum cleaning tricks which will make your home cleaner and your life easier. Even though these ideas will work with any vacuum cleaner, for your own convenience it’s best to use a handheld vacuum.

1.    Vacuum glass light fixtures and ceiling fans
If sprayed directly with cleaner or alcohol the dust may stick to your glass lighting fixtures or ceiling fans. Instead try vacuuming them off with the vacuum wand and soft dusting brush attachment.

cleaning chandeliers

2.    Vacuum your books
Books, especially old ones are often referred to as dust collectors. To prevent them from collecting dust, vacuum them off regularly with the soft brush attachment.

vacuum books

3.    Vacuum keyboards and speakers
Keyboards and speakers get dirty fast and can be difficult to clean. The grille cover of a speaker, in particular, collects dust that doesn't always come off with an ordinary dusting. Keyboards, on the other hand, can get easily filthy with food, and a vacuum is virtually the best way to clean out the crumbs between the keys. To give your keyboard a good clean you can use either the crevice tool or the soft brush attachment of your vacuum. As a matter of fact, make sure to dust around all your electronics at home, including cords and power outlets.  

keyboard cleaning

4.    Vacuum mattresses and foam pillows
Your mattresses and foam pillows can’t just be washed, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay dirty. When it comes to having a mattress deeply cleaned, a professional cleaning service is a must, even though that might be costly. What you could do yourself to give mattresses a decent clean is to remove the dust accumulated on the top and the sides of the mattress using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum. To clean foam pillows, switch to the low suction level of your machine and suck the trapped dust from both sides.

matteress cleaning

5.    Vacuum window coverings
Curtains, drapes, shades and blinds are essential interior decorating elements but they collect a lot of dust. Taking them down for washing every other week is not an option, and if you want to keep them as clean as possible, you can vacuum the dust once per month.

curtain cleaning

6.    Vacuum window screens
Have you noticed how filthy with dust windows can get if not cleaned on a regular basis? This applies especially to window screens. Washing them with water and cleaning solution is the best way to thoroughly clean them, but who can afford the time to do that often. Therefore, giving them a quick swipe with the vacuum every now and then is really a great idea. When removing dust from the window screens, don’t forget to vacuum the outside and inside window ledges and trims too. This will help keep pollen and other allergens out of your home.

clean window

7.    Vacuum lampshades
Lampshades are often neglected when doing routine cleaning, and as a result they get dusty and dirty very fast.
One of the most common ways to clean a lampshade is to use a lint roller. Though you have to change the sticky layers every few seconds, it’s still fast and very effective. Using your vacuum, however, can do the job just as quick and easy. If the lampshade fabric can take the suction power, then use the soft brush and dust from top to bottom.

house clean

So now that you know how to do a good house clean using your vacuum in so many clever ways, share you knowledge with others.

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