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25 June 2020
6 Kitchen Hacks that Will Change Your Cleaning Game Forever

How to Transform Your Domestic Cleaning Routine?

kitchen cleaning hacks

Kitchen cleaning is typically not a preferred way to spend your free time. Chores are time-consuming and some rooms require more attention than others, with the kitchen being among the top on the list since good meals require a clean place to make. But you can separate your kitchen cleaning habits from the usual house cleaning with a few hacks that will make that chore a bit easier, and you will definitely be able to save time from your chores. So let’s start listing those few hacks that will transform your domestic cleaning routine in a very pleasant way:

#1 – Lemon + Baking Soda = Clean Sink

If you are wondering what type of cleaning product to use for your sinks, wonder no more. A simple pinch of baking soda sprinkled on top of a sliced lemon will do you all the good you need. That’s right! Scrub your sink (and even the faucets) with that lemon and the abrasive baking soda will take care of all the dirt and grime, while the lemon juice that seeps from the lemon will take care of the bacteria and germs, and even leave a very fresh smell in your kitchen.

sink cleaning

#2 – Toothbrush + Salt / Baking Soda = No More Grout Grime

Grout grime is not at all hard to handle. Take an old toothbrush, pour some salt or baking soda over the brush side and scrub away between the tiles in the kitchen to take care of any amount of grime. Both products are extremely cheap and using those saves time which you can later use for more important things, like hobbies.

grout cleaning

#3 – Oven + Lemons = No More Fruit Flies

A nifty way of handling all the nasty fruit flies that enter the kitchen when you leave the fruit uneaten way too long is using a simple slice of lemon. Well, three, to be exact. Slice up a lemon in three, open up the oven and leave the slices on the grill. Leave the oven open overnight and the next day close it and turn the broiler on for a few minutes. After that, throw away the lemons and scrub the inside of the oven to complete the oven cleaning. The result: no more fruit flies!

deal with fruit flies

#4 – Microfiber Cloth + Hot Water = No Grime

An excellent way to deal with all the grime you get in the kitchen is to boil some water, let it sit until you can touch it, then dip a microfiber cloth inside and use it to wipe just about any smooth surface. Grime practically evaporates with such an effort.

kitchen cleaners

#5 – Vinegar + Toothpick = Clean Crevices

Don’t you just hate when something gets stuck in a hard-to-reach place? But there is a very simple way to handle that. Take a toothpick or a barbeque skewer, dip the tip into some white vinegar and then stick it in the dirty place and gently rub until all the nasty dirt is reached and cleansed. It is a simple method that definitely works.

home cleaning

#6 – Simmered Vinegar = No Odours

A quick way to get rid of a smell from a stain is to rub baking soda on it. But if there is a general smell in the kitchen and you want it gone, then simply put a cup of white vinegar on the stove, heat it up and then let it simmer – the smell will soon be gone and you will not have to deal with it!

odour removal

Use all these methods and see how much easier kitchen cleaning can get. The trick to it all is a bit of thought and then applying the right kind of solution to every problem you see. Do the domestic cleaning the simple way and you will save all the time you want!

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