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25 June 2020
6 Cleaning Products You Should Stop Buying and Start Making

Make Your House Healthier with Home-made Cleaning Products

diy cleaning products

Haven’t you had enough of spending money on cleaning products? With all the DIY projects in the world and people finding newer and newer ways to getting their home clean, you should be inspired to make an effort and follow their example. Home-made cleaning products can be much healthier than the store’s brand names as they surely contain much less chemical compounds and can still be used for a variety of cleaning jobs. It is a financially-sound solution that leaves the house just as clean, but less filled with toxins, less space taken by a multitude of bottles and containers of products. So which are the main products to start with?

1. DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes
Enough with the boxes of paper wipes that you use once, maybe they do the job, maybe they don’t, then you throw away, and then it’s time to throw out the rubbish, because if you have a bigger mess, you will have to use half your wipes. They tear easily, they are too soft, and they are mostly a waste of space. It is much better if you make your own cleaning wipes out of washcloths. You can use them, rinse, repeat, till they become too dirty, and then it’s washing time.

cleaning tiles

2. DIY Reusable Floor Cleaner Wipes
Same ingredients as above, same efficacy. You don’t need to buy expensive mops when you can use a simple brush and a floor cleaner wipe to soak any liquid and take care of most stains on your hard floor.

floor cleaning

3. DIY Disinfecting Kitchen Sprays
Stop buying all the toxic powders and other greasy products that are harder to clean off yourself than they are helpful. Make your own disinfecting spray for the kitchen. The products are ridiculously simple – water and baking soda that will help with the cleaning, and some bandits oil to add that extra disinfecting push as it has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties.

kitchen cleaning

4. DIY Bathroom Cleaning Agent
There are at least three different products that are used to clean the bathroom. You can forget all that since you can make your very own agent that can be used to clean every single part of the bathroom. All you need is baking soda, liquid castile soap, water, and essential oils for a better scent. You will be amazed at how well this spray will work in your bathroom, both cleaning and refreshing it. And it costs you only the price of its ingredients.

bathroom cleaner

5. DIY Laundry Soap
What, you never thought that you can replace your precious washing detergent because your clothes need special care? Guess how wrong you are. The home-made laundry soap that consists of water, borax, baking soda, liquid castile soap, and essential oils will both clean, soften, and freshen up your clothes to an amazing effect. You can now start saving money from your laundry and experience the miracle of home-made laundry cleaners.

laundry detergent

6. DIY Liquid Hand Soap
And, of course, the basic cleaner that we all need. What will we ever do without hand soap, right? And you can now stop buying all the brand names from the stores – they are increasingly filled with chemicals and their effects are mostly concentrated on how well your hands will smell after using them, and not how well you clean. But if you use water, vitamin E oil, liquid castile soap, and essential oils of your choice, you can create a useful, fragrant, and cheap product that will serve you just as well, but without all the chemicals you usually apply to your skin.

hand washing

With all the recipes on the web, you hardly need to pay so much just to pollute your life with all the toxins that store products give you. The home cleaning can be much safer and healthier, and you can be the one responsible for that. Make an effort and save both money and troubles with your own hand-made products.

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