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25 June 2020
5 Winter Cleaning Ideas

Essential Winter Cleaning Hacks You Should Implement Today

cleaning house in winter

Winter came and the holidays are fast approaching as well. You should make an effort to greet the latter with a nice clean home. And don’t be so narrow-minded as to think that there is only spring cleaning. In fact, there are two types of winter cleaning. The first one is the pre-tree home cleaning, and then we have the post-tree house cleaning. The pre-tree is the setup to the holidays, the chore that makes space for the big Christmas tree and gives us the opportunity to make the setting we want to spend the holidays in. So here are some ideas to get you started on your domestic cleaning.

green cleaners
1. Make it Green

Don’t do the winter cleaning with chemical-laden cleaning products. Make it all eco-friendly and don’t overdo it. Sometimes homemade products are just what your home needs. After all, Christmas is among the greenest holidays (well, that, and white) in the world, so celebrate it in a healthy environment. Clean your home using the best homemade and environmentally friendly products out there. Make your home smell like a forest and give the tree something to be happy about as well.

home cleaning
2. Start Small, Go Big

Start with the little things – declutter here, put some items in the cupboard there. Then, little by little, go for the big ideas, with actual redecorations to not only make the cleaning process easier, but the setting that much more appealing. Rearrange again and again – just make sure that the final result is to your – and your alone – liking. Make it the holiday you want it to be and do not burden yourself with other people’s opinions. What you need is a good hearty sweep and then a decoration to enjoy.

domestic cleaners
3. Decorate as You Clean

You will need to decorate your home at some point, so why not combine it with the house cleaning? Clean an area, and then immediately decorate it for the holidays. That way you will spend less time on the whole ordeal and you can prepare your home for the holidays in one fell swoop. It’s all that needs to be done, so why double the work when it can all be completed in one go?

household cleaning
4. Don’t Forget to Make Room for the Presents

Naturally, since it’s Christmas and Christmas is all about the presents, you need to have room for the presents. Whatever area you clean, make it a proper one, a place to mound up a few gifts for the family and tease everybody about it. Make it more appealing – the more appealing, the more the anticipation you will be building along with the household cleaning.

cleaning before Christmas
5. The More the Merrier

As with Christmas in general, the more people involved in the home cleaning process, the better. Get the family, get friends, get the roommate over and start the season with a jolly well washing of the flat or house and have it ready for the holidays before the day’s end. The more people you have on board, the faster it will be completed. So start recruiting and enjoy cleaning your home as it were just another game.

House cleaning does not have to be boring. It’s all a state of mind in which you can put yourself. Combine cleaning with decorating and see just how jolly it can all be. Now get the house clean and then enjoy the festivities.

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