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25 June 2020
5 Spring Cleaning Tips That Save Time and Money

Best Ideas for Spring Cleaning

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Spring is another way of saying summer is around the corner. This is because spring days are warm, long as well as full of spring cleaning chores. While most of our friends and neighbours delegate house cleaning duties to other people or even cleaning services there are those of us who consider our homes sacred and no one apart from us can do the cleaning as required. This article is here to offer you time and money saving techniques to help while facing this dreadful task. When you finish the task you will get a reward that is more than satisfactory, a fresh looking and smelling house.

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#1. Window cleaning

A clean window means that a room gets sufficient lighting and remember that a room that is well lit brightens up your mood.

Wipe the window inside down as well as inside up both sides as well as left and right. This window cleaning method ensures that all streaks are well taken care of.

With a microfiber cloth wipe up and down your window blinds. Do this in both sides till they are clean.

Take a damp towel and a dryer and run the window coverings through the air-fluff.  

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#2. Clean your kitchen appliances

It shouldn't be a surprise if you come across debris and crumbs as you participate in this exercise!

Those with auto clean cycle oven make sure that you start by wiping out any big spills to prevent any incidence of a flare-up. While cleaning ovens the use of baking soda as well as liquid dish soap are preferred to use of expensive harsh oven cleaning chemicals.

For stovetops, the toothbrush will work best in removing those foods that have softened around the dials, burners, and knobs. This can also be the best time to replace grimy and old burner pans.

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#3. Carpets and rug cleaning

It's worth to note that carpets accumulate dirt and dust which eventually can lead to the growth of fungi. This is very unhygienic and embarrassing!

To avoid this kind of embarrassment ensure that you vacuum the carpet regularly as most dust on carpets and rugs are on the surface as they are loose materials.

With regular carpet cleaning, you are sure that those little carpet bugs and stubborn stains will be out of sight.

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#4. Gutters and downspout cleaning

Your exterior needs a new face. Be keen on this part of your compounds as without regular cleaning fallen off seeds from the surrounding will start to sprout.

With the aid of a leaf blower or scoop, you can get rid of most of the debris and clear away the remaining dirt with a hose.

By using a bead, silicone sealant ensure that water doesn't get behind of the gutter.

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#5. Check your ceiling for any dirt

Take some time and check your ceilings for any dust and dirt that have accumulated over time.

Ensure that areas such as the fireplace, on lampshades as well on windows are cobweb free.

Clear your smoke detectors from dust accumulation as you change its batteries.

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