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25 June 2020
5 Golden Rules of End of Tenancy Cleaning

How to Get a Landlord Satisfied with Post Tenancy Cleaning Work

end of tenancy cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning is that time of your life when you sweat over the thorough cleaning of a house that very soon won’t be yours so that you can get the initial money you invested in it as a deposit back. And you do have to be thorough because you simply know that your landlord will be as petty as petty can be to both get you out of the building and keep the money. But you should not let that happen. You just have to do a good job with the home cleaning and after you are done, check if you have complied with the following golden rules of end of lease cleaning:

#1 – Clean the Bathroom

Many people ignore the bathroom for the sake of better time spent elsewhere and supposedly doing a better job with the rest of the house cleaning. Well, newsflash, your landlord won’t skip the bathroom and see what kind of hygiene this home had been accustomed with. Do proper cleaning here as well and shine it up. It is not even that difficult – you have to take care of the sink, the faucets, the toilet bowl, the tiles, and any traces of soap scum. That is a single afternoon’s worth of work, if not less.

bathroom cleaning

#2 – Don’t Cut Corners

As mentioned, some landlords will be petty and they will look for reasons not to return that deposit. A dust ball in the corner? Not vacuumed under the bed? Skipped cleaning the balcony? All these are points not in your favour. The very least you can do is get the house or flat just as clean as it was when you first came in. Do not cut any corners and get everything in shape without thinking “Oh, the landlord won’t look there!” This is a kind of thought that costs deposits, not pays them out.

end of lease cleaning

#3 – Do Stain Removal

Don’t be petty about the stains. If you left any stains on the furniture, then do the upholstery cleaning and get them off. Everything that the landlord has to do subsequently to your leaving, he or she will take out of your deposit, so might as well spend a few minutes on furniture cleaning as well. Stain removal is, after all, relatively simple and you can take care of every stain in a manner of minutes. You can even do it with homemade cleaners so that you don’t spend any money on that.

furniture cleaning

#4 – Paint If It Cannot Be Cleaned

And if there is some kind of stain that is too stubborn and just won’t get off, there is a solution to that as well. If it is on the walls, just repaint over it. Painting is relatively cheaper than hiring professional cleaners, after all. It is also a good way to avoid trying to scrape the stain off, which in a lot of cases leads to scraping parts of the plaster off as well – and what you don’t want your landlord to see for sure is a heap of plaster next to the wall.

painting and decorating

#5 – Clean the Oven

Oven cleaning is important as well since you will have to make sure that the entire kitchen is taken care of. The oven will be the coup de grace to the tenancy cleaning job and once the landlord looks at it, you can consider the job done and the case solved. You can expect your deposit refunded right after that as you really did earn it after spending all this time on the old flat or house.

oven cleaning

Cover these golden rules, and then do your end of tenancy cleaning and you will definitely get the refund you were looking forward to. Leaving one happy landlord behind will mean good recommendations for the next one and knowledge about how to get a landlord satisfied with post tenancy cleaning work. And then life goes on.

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